The Easy Way To Improve Employee Morale In Six Months Or Less by

The Easy Way To Improve Employee Morale In Six Months Or Less

How your employees feel about you and their workspace is critical in determining the level of success that your company will achieve. If workers are happy and engaged with the work that they do, then your business will thrive. If they’re unhappy, burnt out and stressed, then your company could suffer tremendously. 

The good news is that even if you have poor office morale right now, there are all sorts of things that you can do to turn it around – and fast!

Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Deliver More Messages In Person

Today we live in an email-centric culture where all problems are funneled through Outlook – or whatever dreaded app your company happens to use. 

The problem with email, though, is that it is just words. There’s no context to back anything up.

Sure, you can add the odd emoji here and there, but it is never going to be the same as delivering messages in person. 

Employees, of course, can take emails the wrong way. They read the sentences that come through to their inboxes and infer tones of voice that simply aren’t there. 

Managers, therefore, need to make a habit of delivering at least SOME messages in person. Perhaps as much as 40 percent. 

Refit The Office

Culture is important.

But the physical environment can also make a massive difference to how people in your place of work feel.

While you might be entirely happy with a drab, functional office space, your employees may not. They might want something that provides them with more inspiration and comfort. 

If you’re struggling to work out how to make your office space better, you might want to talk to experts. Some companies get in touch with Maris for an office fit out, gathering more information about the options available to them – of which, there are many.

Don’t sit on your laurels, allowing your office to wreck the atmosphere at your company. Do something about it, and then wait for the improvements in your bottom line. 

Encourage Employees To Move

Being sedentary feels good. Humans naturally do not want to move. They want to conserve energy. 

But sitting in one place all day long is not good for the health or mental wellbeing of your employees.

People who remain still all day age faster, get more disease and don’t feel as good on the inside. 

Many innovative workplaces now offer employees exercise classes before work, at lunchtime, and at the end of play.

Here, they can work up a sweat, hopefully improving their focus once they return to their desks and making them less likely to leave you. 

Run Contests

If employee engagement is an issue in your workplace, you might want to inject a little competitive spirit into proceedings.

Running contests is a great way to do this as it fires people up and gets them to expend far more effort than they would ordinarily. Try it today and see if it makes a difference to the morale in your place of work. 

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