The Future Of Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 by

The Future Of Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Information Technology is becoming increasingly influential in business for companies operating in all sectors of the economy. Also, CIOs are expanding their presence in the strategic direction of organizations, designing continuous digital operational models, and monitoring the achievement of strategic goals. The leading companies’ financial results prove that the winning business model in the digital age is increasingly a fully integrated front, with affiliated companies focused on customers.

The challenge now is to execute the next actions at the speed and scale that the market requires.

It is essential to highlight that the future will be hyper-connected. Therefore, the business differentials will ensure a holistic approach to digital transformation, expanding the power of technology throughout the value chain. On the other hand, fragmented digital infrastructure and a lack of operational alignment impact organizations’ ability to provide better customer experiences and drive business.

Organizations must make this transformation with the following steps:

  • Recognizing the power of the connected company
  • Comprising the products available on the market
  • Prioritizing a cultural change over technical investments
  • Thinking beyond the legal capacity of IT models
  • Evolving governance and risk management

To design solutions in line with the market’s speed, it is essential to consider models with: strategy and architecture; digital delivery; business and innovation partnerships, talent management. It is also recommended to incorporate the following key elements: flexibility, scalability, and human approach.

The performance that companies deliver to their customers depends on the absence of technological friction, which makes IT’s future intertwined with the concept of the connected company.

Companies in all sectors increasingly need to mitigate operational risks and anticipate market trends to implement structural transitions. Only in this way will the sector leaders be protagonists in the journey of digital transformation, expanding competitive advantages and leveraging their businesses.

In this way, we will begin to see blossoms since the Covid-19 difficulties this year. Companies will also face big decisions; they must look at cybersecurity and manage IT solutions. You may want to look at Eberly Systems.

The benefits of Digital Transformation

The innovations offer new opportunities for a relationship with the public, new ways of attracting customers, and greater chances of differentiating themselves from the competition. This will be a way for businesses to rebrand and attain some new customers along the way. Among the main advantages, we can mention:

Efficiency gains

The technology is remarkable in replacing manual processes with automated systems that guarantee more significant simplification, control, and efficiency in all business practices. The promotion of corporate culture is also a critical factor in redefining values ​​and applying more flexible business models capable of responding quickly to the market’s news.

New job opportunities

Many positions are already being replaced by software and machines, and the trend is for this phenomenon to grow in the coming years.

On the other hand, the demand for professionals trained to perform the new functions that the transformation requires grows every day. Educational institutions, and companies are already concerned with developing skills aimed at this new era of work.

Clients satisfaction

The customer is the protagonist of the digital transformation. Today, companies participate in people’s daily lives and continuous dialogue with their audience.

The modern consumer is tuned and demanding, accustomed to using cutting-edge platforms, such as Netflix, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Naturally, it will charge the same quality as any other service, forcing organizations to develop increasingly practical and efficient solutions.


More and more companies are starting to make their way in the digital world. Innovations can significantly change the corporate routine, the public’s perception of the brand, and even change a business’s direction.

The digital environment offers new ways to obtain competitive advantages and devise differentiated strategies.

New business models

Mobility, social networks, remote access, cloud services, the internet of things, big data, and many other resources already available allow countless ways of acting for companies and professionals. Digital platforms are creating our demands and means for marketing products and services.

The challenges of Digital Transformation

Incorporating changes is not a simple process. Many companies complain about modest results and the inability to keep up with market leaders. We can highlight some of the main challenges faced:

Fragmented transformation

Organizations often initiate digital transformation by serving their customers under pressure. However, distribution, the supply chain, and the entire set of general operations are crucial elements for successful transformation.

Performance in different locations

Companies that operate in many different locations need to adopt flexible strategies that match each region’s rules and behavior. To use a single type of action without considering regional particularities is to want to innovate without allowing changes to take place on their own.

Travel may become restricted for a little while to come, therefore some will already have an idea of how to operate in a limited way. 

Partner administration and alignment

Working with many suppliers can compromise the efficiency of the actions. Many contracts, workers, services, and goals can overburden management and negatively influence critical processes, especially when people have different views and opinions. Choosing the right partners and ensuring that everyone involved is aligned with the proposed objectives is essential.

SEO and voice searches

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept that brings together a series of strategies that seek to optimize search results for your website. SEO has been one of the main trends in digital marketing and should continue to be firm, but presenting new strategies, such as voice search.

This tool has seen significant growth in use among users, mainly due to its ease in smartphones, which are the leading platforms for use. This greater public acceptance is also directly related to the acceptable levels of results offered that SEO can apply in this type of search, thanks to Hummingbird’s technology, which Google has applied in its algorithms in recent years.

The voice search is more organic and less plastered and robotic. When writing is to give more focus to the keywords than to construct a sentence itself, which makes sense, leaving aside some prepositions and articles, Google, with the help of Hummingbird, can identify more than just keywords, which makes it possible to show sites with more relevant relevance to search, favoring pages that meet what Google’s algorithm identifies as relevant. The prospect of evolution is right, bringing more possibilities to SEO.

Measurement of results

The digital transformation requires investments and encompasses all sectors of the company. Therefore, it is essential to measure the strategy’s results by calculating the ROI of each action taken to prioritize what is working and reevaluate what is not. The economic environment is becoming more and more volatile, and companies need to be ready to deal with changes.

New platforms, strategies, and trends emerge every day, just as consumer behavior also varies continuously. That is why the digital transformation needs to be seen as a continuous action. There are already about 7 billion mobile devices in use and 11 billion things connected to the internet.

Digitization is already a concrete reality. What is happening today is a change in behavior that affects all society sectors, from ordinary people to large institutions and companies. The creation of new technologies and business models is highlighted in the contemporary world.

Still, it is professionals and organizations capable of orchestrating all these elements that comprise the digital transformation that will lead to this new era of the market.

The trends of digital marketing must be observed since they can be a significant differential for the success of a business. The segment’s future values ​​a closer and more satisfying relationship, both for the company and for the consumer.

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