The Missing Link Between Wellbeing And Innovation. #NewToHR

The Missing Link Between Wellbeing And Innovation

Company innovation is the key to ensuring solid growth and advancement of your organization, and human resources should be an integral part of forming practices and policies that drive the change. One of the most powerful ways to influence innovation is through employee well-being, encouraging the workforce to be fully engaged, driven and committed to the pushing the company to its productivity and profitability limit.

In the HR’s Institute Wellbeing Guidelines it states that “senior managers in low-performance organizations often do not understand the potential power of the health-and-work behavior equation,” because they lack the knowledge on what methods can make a difference in employee wellness, which gives the People Operations team a chance to step in and educate executives in order to improve the daily performance of all other staff.

However, the report goes on to say that the employees in such organizations

resent being told just how healthy, productive, well, low-risk, flexible, engaged or empowered they should be in a climate where substantial cost-shifting and increased work loads are the norm.

With this in mind, HR must balance the current environment of the business, intended changes to present policy and the morale of employees.

Emphasizing the very best available benefits to employees can make a stark difference, and being open to questions and frustrations when cuts are made can prevent employees turning against their company.

KPMG, published research into HR’s influence in organizational innovation, stating that the best performing companies in terms of innovation had strategies that were based on human capital, showing that HR must drive innovation by eliminating issues in their people management sphere.

Companies had developed or were developing cultures where innovation was seen as everyone’s responsibility.

- as an objective that employees at all levels and in all roles strived to achieve on a day-to-day and business-as-usual basis.

This method takes an “all in” approach, involving all staff at every level in the business, and is perceived as a much more effective way of promoting innovation, with every wheel in the machine working together for organizational success.

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The missing link between employee wellbeing and company innovation, then, is a well thought out and fine-tuned strategy by HR, which is aimed at full employee engagement in terms of organizational innovation, while ensuring a high level of job satisfaction, a clear cut work/life balance and benefits that reflect the high-level of productivity staff must exhibit to influence said innovation. Have a look at to learn more about wellness and mental health.

The human resources department has all the tools, training and resources to encourage a high level of employee wellbeing, and the digitization of the workplace makes fueling innovation a feasible task for those in this function.

For people teams to become an effective operation, it must begin to think of its influence over traditional business process and how these strategies can benefit the employees and the company simultaneously.

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