The Most Common Office Accidents Revealed by #NewToHR

The Most Common Office Accidents Revealed

Accidents happen all the time, but when an accident happens at work it can create a whole host of problems not just for the employee who’s been injured, but the employer as well! Whether you work in a small office building, or you’re based in a smart office in upstate New York – click here to find a personal injury lawyer in New York – no one is immune to a workplace accident, even those who work in offices.

An accident in an office sounds less likely than one in a warehouse or factory, however, they’re still commonplace!

So, what are the most common office accidents? Read on to find out more.

Being struck by falling objects

You might think that being hit by a falling object was only an issue in warehouse or even factory locations, however, these kinds of accidents and subsequent injuries are just as likely in an office. Employees can be struck by falling objects from shelves or in supply cupboards, or they could even be hit by falling ceiling lights and signs.

Slips, trips and falls

Again, an office isn’t always the place you’d consider a slip, trip or fall to occur.

These kinds of accidents can cause an immense amount of pain and even render the victim off work whilst they recover. Slips can occur on wet floors in bathrooms and communal kitchens, even in parking lots or slippery foyers. In addition, trips can be the result of torn carpet, wires, even bags or other items that have been left in the main thoroughfare.

Muscle strain

Lifting that ream of paper into the printer can cause serious back problems for some employees. Not forgetting back problems from sitting for long periods without the proper support. Basic training should be implemented for anyone who might be required to lift items in the office.


Repetitive strain injury is hugely common amongst office workers who type for long periods of time. RSI is incredibly debilitating and painful and can leave many employees unable to work due to pain and recovery.

Walking into something

A door, a window panel, even a chair or a table someone has moved – as embarrassing as walking into something can be, it happens a lot in an office environment. Failing to be vigilant and the failure to put potential hazards out of the way can result in these kinds of accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident at work, then you should speak with your employer as soon as possible.

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