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Things To Look For In A New Recruit

Hiring a new recruit is a big step for any business, no matter how infant or established your company is. This person will bring in fresh ideas, new mindsets and a different perspective that can help in many areas of your business. Whether you’re looking for one person to join the team or multiple new joiners, there are certain things you want to look for. You’ll need to consider the nature of your business and who will fit – whether you’re a property investment firm such as BuyAssociation Group, a marketing company or a sales firm, finding the right person is integral.

In this article we have some top tips for what to look for in a new recruit. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Check their past skills and experience

The first thing you need to do before hiring someone is check out their past skills and experience and they’ll be able to do the job. While they might not have the exact skills you require, look if they have transferrable ones and other skills you can really utilize to better your business. Find out about the qualifications they have and if they’ve been in a similar role before. They might not have the exact skills you’re after, but if they have the right experience, there are skills you can train them up in.

Ensure their personality fits in 

As well as their past experience and skills, the personality of your recruit is a big factor in how well they will do at your firm. You want them to gel with the people that already work there so there is a sense of comradeship and they can work as a team. This means they’ll help each other to succeed and push them to work harder. They can help to pick up slack and just generally have a better output of work than they might do otherwise. Think about things such as how motivated they are, whether they’ll be happy to go on team outings and more.

Find out what their future goals and aspirations are and how they align

Another thing you need to consider when hiring someone is what their future goals and aspirations are and how well they’ll fit in with your company. Are they looking for something just as a stop gap and you assume they’ll move on pretty soon? Or do you think they’re keen to learn and work their way up the ranks? You don’t want to spend your time and money training them up only for them to move on as quickly as they arrived. Find someone you think will stay and be loyal for a good while.

These are just a few things you need to consider when looking to hire someone new for your company. You need a well-rounded person who’s going to fit in well with your team and help them thrive. What are some top tips you have for looking for a new recruit? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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