Time To Start A New Career, Your Way

Time To Start A New Career, Your Way

According to the Ministry of Education, 11.9% of university students change careers every year during the first two years, and it is normal that this is because the degree they are studying was not their first option and they could not access the desired degree. Entering a race and feeling like we were wrong is devastating. Apathy for classes, anguish at disappointing our parents, low self-esteem when we see that what for us is hell for others is simple. There are times that no matter how hard we try, we are clear within ourselves: we do not like the career we are pursuing or its professional opportunities.

The time to make decisions has come. Sometimes we follow a career path that really does not suit us, but in order to make ends meet and further our careers, we take that path. However, it is never too late to go back to study.

Thanks to today’s world, mha degree options are available, if you are wanting to go back and take the path you always dreamed of. 

Don’t let yourself feel bad for not getting it right first time

This is something that must be very clear.

If we have settled for the second or third option or have chosen the grade for the wrong reasons (such as, family or social pressure) or in a hasty way without knowing well the syllabus of the subjects or the level of difficulty and not there is a way to get the hang of it, there are several options, but leaving studies is not one of them (unless we are clear that what we do not want is to study).

It’s easy to feel lost, stressed, and worthless when we’re in this situation, but we can’t get discouraged. It’s not a question that we can’t handle it, but rather that we don’t like it. Nothing else.

On the other hand, it must be clear that changing careers is not due to a typical slump after a failure or a tough exam season. The reasons must be logical. It is normal that, at first, it is difficult for us to adapt, but with determination we end up getting the hang of it.

If the decision is made, there is nothing more to talk about: you have to do the paperwork and find the best option.

How do I change my career?

As we have mentioned, there are many options available, but it depends truly on what you want to achieve in your career. If you want to go from studying Nursing to Medicine, it will be easy to change careers and validate subjects, but if what you want is to go from Physics to Literature, then it will be better if we enter through the general admission modality.

Meaning you may have to start, almost from scratch again.  In any case, it is recommended that you try both options, because the accesses are not exclusive and if we cannot enter by making a change, we will surely get it through general admission.

What is most difficult for us: telling our family.

Sometimes they understand it without problem and sometimes not, but we are older and the decision is ours.

Therefore, before saying anything at home, it is best to have already consulted all the procedures and be clear about how we are going to change careers. That way it will not seem like an impulsive or childish decision and they will not fear (too much) that we will drop out of school.

If you’re a mature student, you may be concerned about what your kids will say or other relatives who think you’re being foolhardy to take on a new career at a later stage. The truth is, that anything is possible today and happiness should always be the number one priority. 

It is important to listen and weigh up what they have to say to us and if we see that the conversation begins to anger us, it is best to postpone it and promise to think about what they are saying.

After weighing it, we can come back to the load with new arguments. You know what is best for you, and although advice can be helpful, it can also often hinder you.

Instead, use their advice loosely and think about the options available, whilst consulting professionals along the way. 

Have things clear

First of all and before making the decision to change careers, you must be very clear about what you want to do. It is normal that, once the race has started, we feel some disappointment because it does not correspond exactly to our expectations, but that is not a reason to change.

If these studies can help you develop the profession you dream of for your future, even if you don’t like them as much as you thought, you should appreciate the fact that they are only a procedure to achieve your goals.

It would be too optimistic to think that you were going to love every subject, teacher and classmates throughout four years of study. It may be that what happens to you is simply that you have lost motivation And, therefore, before making drastic decisions you should try to motivate yourself again and get more involved to enjoy the degree. On the other hand, if you really got into a career that you didn’t want from the beginning due to external pressures or because it didn’t give you the grade you wanted to do, then maybe changing careers is the right decision.

So look towards all the options available and be sure that you have a list written with all the ideas of a new career that tantalise you!

Whether it’s in medicine or law, you can certainly find a path that will lead you to your chosen career. With all the information online, you can be sure that you will be able to pass those exams, no matter what your age is!

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