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Tips For Managing Your Warehouse Processes

When it comes to running a warehouse, it is a lot different to running the day to day life of an average office. For starters, a warehouse is a much more dangerous wiring environment and at times it can be life threatening, and this is why learning how to safely operate and run a warehouse is more complex than making sure your workers aren’t on Facebook.

Here are some of the ways you can run a warehouse safely and efficiently this year. 

Clocking in and out 

It is CRUCIAL that you have every single person who enters your building clock in every morning and out every night. The reason for this is that if ever an accident occurs or a fire drill happens it is much easier to lose track of warehouse workers than office workers as they are constantly moving around. Install a fob system or an ID swipe which they have to use when entering and leaving the building each day. 

Wearing safety equipment 

Safety equipment is something which must be giving out to every single member of staff in your workplace and provided for anyone who decides that they want to visit the warehouse now and again for business. To protect the feet against things falling off steels it is advised to wear steel capped boots.

For visibility when forklift trucks are driving around you’ll need hi-vis jackets, and for those who want to climb the steels on ladders, hard hats are advised. Also make sure to keep your machines in working order and safe using Incito Consulting Group. All of these things will protect your workers from serious injury and this can be a game changer. 

Keeping it organised 

An organised warehouse is the most efficient and if you want to make your warehouse the most productive it can be you need to organise it well. This will include creating an inventory log which is updated every quarter to make sure everything is in the warehouse.

A grid which can be used to show where each item is in the warehouse and this can be used to make the picking and packing process less complex. For example you can name each aisle, add a letter to each row and a number to each position. For example then you could see that dog coats are on aisle 3. Row B and position 25. 

Taking deliveries 

Running a warehouse effectively has a lot to do with the way you handle your orders and shipments to the public. When taking a delivery of items it is crucial to have an area of the warehouse where you can count the items and make sure that they match with the delivery note.

If you don’t match these up it can cause you to lose money and this is something which can damage your business. 

Packing orders 

Packing orders for shipping is a crucial part of your business and the way you handle this is what will define your reputation as a business.

Make sure to invest in a warehouse picking system for efficient picking of items from the warehouse so that products can be packed up and shipped as soon as possible to the customer. Use lots of protective wrapping to keep the products safe. 

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