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Tips To Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

Improving your website can be beneficial in a number of ways and for the most part, making it mobile friendly is the most important part. As people spend more time on their phones and smaller electronic devices, the need for a more adaptable website is needed. So here are some tips to make your website more mobile-friendly.

Make It Responsive

When you’re trying to adapt a website to a smaller screen, like a mobile, the difficult part is making it responsive. That might be where you get the help of app developers if it makes sense to transform your website in an app.

Making your website responsive can take a few tweaks to the website’s design or removing some of the things that you would usually see on a desktop but might not work so well when they’re looked at on a mobile phone.

With the technical side of making your phone mobile-friendly, seek out professional help if you haven’t got the tech support available in-house at the moment. It might not be something all businesses have at the moment.

Make Text And Buttons Large Enough

Text and the buttons that usually feature on your website are important to get right so that it looks the part on a mobile phone. The size and font are two things to focus on so that when it adapts to a mobile device, it can be viewed properly.

Consider what size and font is currently being used and try to go for a size and font that works a little better on phones, separating it between desktop view and mobile view if possible. The same goes for clickable buttons on the site.

Compress Images

Images can end up taking a big amount of space on your phone, when usually on a desktop, they look fairly normal. Therefore, it’s worth compressing your images down where you can so that they look better on the mobile.

You can get plenty of compressing plugins on your website but make sure you’re compressing them before you start uploading them to your site. That way, you’re getting ahead of the game before you’ve even got them on the site. 

Clear Cache Regularly

When it comes to cache, it can delay the content and response times of your website. It’s important that you’re trying to clear the cache on your website as regularly as possible. This is particularly the case when you are constantly updating your site with information on a daily basis.

You want everyone, even those on their mobile to see the most up to date version. You can make sure this is being done in a timely manner through plugin’s but also with your technical team too.

Making your website more mobile-friendly is very important because without it, you could be missing out on a large number of audiences coming to your website. Lots of readers for websites will often read content on the way home or to work, so it’s good to make this a priority where you can.

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