Tips When Supplying Business Cars To Staff by

Tips When Supplying Business Cars To Staff

A business car for your staff is something that can be highly beneficial for both the company’s sake but also that of the employee. However, you want to make sure that you’re doing this right, otherwise, it can end up being financially, very costly.

Here are some tips when supplying business cars to staff.

Are They Really Needed?

Business cars are definitely something that can be helpful to a company, but sometimes it’s worth asking yourself whether it’s really needed for yours.

If your company as a whole is doing a lot of traveling beyond the capabilities that sometimes public transport can’t provide, then it might be worth dishing out lease cars to staff members who are going to need to make those long trips or early morning/late commutes.

It’s not always needed, but if you’ve noticed that it’s happening more and more, then you definitely want to consider getting them.

Think about the cost implications that come with it too, and if they don’t outweigh what you’re already spending, then more staff are likely wanting to drive than taking public forms of transport.

Give Them To Certain Staff

As much as you’d make employer of the year by giving every staff member the opportunity to own a company car, it’s good to give it only to certain members of staff.

The reason to do that is that you don’t want to have staff members taking too much or those who haven’t been there long enough that you don’t trust them. They can be part of the staff company perks that you give to staff members that have been there for a certain amount of time or have achieved certain things over the course of them being with the company.

Think About Company Insurance

Insurance is important to put in place because it can be very easy for one of your workers to get into an accident. If you’ve not got the right company insurance when it comes to company cars on the road, then they end up becoming a lot more costly.

Accidents happen, so make sure you have the right cover set when it comes to damage that was out of the driver’s hands. This then helps protect you and your employee unless they caused it through reckless driving.

Set Some Rules

The rules you set are important when it comes to the distribution of company cars. An inch calculator is worth using to figure out the costs involved in leasing a car and how many miles you might be limited to when it comes to certain financial budgets you have.

Have rules regarding the use of said cars and how to treat them. Just because they may also be using the car for personal use too doesn’t mean they should be damaging it or causing more problems.

Supplying a business car to staff is something you will need to think about carefully. So consider whether it’s actually needed or try and make sure that it’s going to the right staff members.

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