Top 3 Accounting Software Tools For 2019 by

Top 3 Accounting Software Tools For 2019

As your business grows, your customers, operations, staff, budget and accounting requirements grow with it. These days, small businesses and the large corporations they hope to turn into no longer need a full department of accountants with endless rows of filing cabinets. 

In fact, a few computers with good accounting software will do the job more efficiently and at a lower cost. Naturally, the explosion in demand for digital solutions to traditional business operations mean there are a plethora of options when it comes to accounting software. 

To help you choose one that best suits your business, here are the top three accounting software tools for 2019. Before we get into the list, let’s run through what you should look for when choosing accounting software.

What to Look for in Accounting Software

Software that is better integrated across the board is always a better option. For example, both QuickBooks Online and Xero are cloud-based, which means there will be less inconsistencies in your data, easier transfer of information across devices, and higher levels of security, which is especially important for businesses. 

You can check out this guide by for a comprehensive look at why cloud accounting solutions are a great option and whether you should choose Xero or QuickBooks Online. Good accounting software should have flexible pricing options for the varying requirements that different types of businesses have, as well as scalability.

Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 Cloud is an online-based accounting solution geared towards small to medium sized businesses. You get a full set of features here, including inventory, budgeting, taxes, invoicing and cash flow. There are also additional options for e-commerce stores, as well as data management, POS, credit card processing and much more. 

Its mobile compatibility allows you to easily perform payments and billing from your smartphone. Sage 50 Cloud can be connected to your bank accounts to provide real-time sales, receipts, transfers and deposits tracking, in addition to other useful features, making it a compelling option. 

Netsuite ERP

Netsuite ERP can be considered more of a full-fledged business operations tool than simply accounting software, as it incorporates a plethora of additional features. This includes financial tools for sales, marketing and e-commerce. Its wide range of capabilities will help you run a variety of operations through one central tool, making it highly efficient. 


FreshBooks comes highly recommended by many businesses and industry experts. Its high level of integration capabilities allows you to hook it up to major payment processors such as PayPal, Google Checkout and credit cards, giving you a reliable way to track your finances.

A mobile app is available for smartphones and tablets, which provides a comprehensive dashboard overview including invoices, client management, projects, expenses, time tracking and much more. While advanced in its capabilities, FreshBooks focuses on being as simple and easy to use as possible, making it an excellent choice for newcomers.  These are all excellent solutions for any type of small or medium sized business, so it mainly comes down to their pricing plans. Regardless, accounting software is a worthwhile investment with more than enough benefits to justify their cost.   

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