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Top 4 Ways To Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is a vital part of management, but too many managers unsure of the best way to inspire their staff veer dangerously close to Michael Scott or even David Brent territory. This is no way to ensure a productive and happy office, and if you stray too close to the cringe boss territory, you’ll start to lose the respect of your employees. Stil, employees need the motivation to perform at their best, so here are the top four ways to do that. 


Everyone loves to feel their efforts and achievements have been appreciated. So, providing employees with recognition can help your staff feel like everything is worth it

Regular employee awards and rewards schemes, including glass awards with engravings or discounts for local restaurants or gym membership, will give everyone something to push towards. You can do it every month or every quarter, while even reserving more significant awards for the end-of-year company party. 

Despite this, you’ve got to be careful not to create a toxic competition culture, as this can wreak havoc on employees’ mental health and could upset the balance of the office. 


It’s not all about showering them with awards and praise, however. Eventually, these awards will stop meaning as much as they did at first. Employees need to know there is room for progression and growth to encourage them to push themselves towards a promotion. 

Ambitious employees will want to show you they’re capable of handling more responsibility and working in more senior roles. They want to be a part of the side of the company that makes decisions. By demonstrating to them that they can eventually be in these positions, such as making a point of hiring from within, you will find yourself with a team that will go above and beyond to show their worth. 


Following a similar line of thought, transparency from you, as a manager or owner, is also vital for motivating your employees. People, unsurprisingly, don’t want to feel like they are being kept in the dark, and they will be able to tell if you are not honest with them. 

Transparency in your company will prevent this from happening. Share information on how the business works so they can understand why their role or specific task is important, keep them in the loop regarding figures and sales reports, and don’t shy away from answering the tough questions. 

Not only does transparency help everyone understand their position, whether the company is doing well or not so well, it will also prepare them for any senior roles they may find themselves in later on. By understanding the inner workings of the company, they are more equipped once they achieve promotion.


Motivation seems like it’s easy to stir up and generate, however, as different employees have different needs, you need to try a range of different methods to appeal to what drives them to push themselves.

While some of these solutions will work for some of your staff, others are more likely to work for the rest, so don’t be afraid to try out different techniques. 

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