Top Roofing And Marketing Ideas How To Generate Leads by

Top Roofing Advertising And Marketing Ideas: How To Generate Leads

Every business needs to focus some of their attention on advertising.

If you are going to generate more leads for your roofing company, you need to invest some capital into marketing and advertising. However, there are a lot of things that you can do for free that will make a huge difference for your business.

We are going to help you with your roofing advertising. Generating leads and buzz around your business is key for the service industry. If you can get meaningful leads, then you can impress people with your service and the quality of your work. This can give you customers for life.

Let’s take a look at what specifically you can do to generate leads.

Roofing Advertising 101: Generating Leads

Getting your roofing business off the ground is difficult. You may want to consider a Roofer Marketing firm to make a big difference, but you do not always have to pay. When doing things on your own, focus your efforts on things like SEO, content creation, and social media to get people’s attention.

Search Engine Optimization

As you may or may not know, SEO is the be-all-and-end-all of digital marketing for small businesses.

It encompasses several different methods that aim to move your page up the search rankings. When your website is among the top results for a particular set of search terms, you are going to see more meaningful leads.

For a roofing business, you are going to want to optimize your website in a few different ways. Keywords are one part of it, but page speed, mobile optimization, and geo-targeting will be just as important.

For instance, you should keep your landing pages free of clutter. Most visitors are going to leave your page if it does not load within 3 seconds. To speed your page up, do not overload it with large images and plugins.

How your page performs on mobile platforms is another thing. So many people search on their phones nowadays, you cannot afford to have a sloppy, poorly functioning mobile page or you will lose leads.

Lastly, since your roofing business is likely restricted to a specific area, it is important that your specific location is mentioned in your keywords and on your business page, which we will talk about next.

Google My Business

Fill out your Google My Business card to make sure that all of the information that your customers need is available. This is a basic necessity that a lot of small businesses fail to take advantage of. It will allow you to display your hours, location, services, and even book appointments straight on the SERP.

Your reviews on listing sites are going to make or break your reputation. 90% of people look at listing sites online before trying out a new business. Encourage your satisfied customers to rate and review your business on Google.

Social Media

If you have not set up social media for your roofing business yet, then you should consider yourself behind your competition. Blogs, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates are going to keep your customers/followers in the loop on how to contact you and what services you offer.

It is also a great way to build your brand and give your customers a peek behind the scenes at how your company operates. People love the feeling of knowing the people that provide their services and roofing is no different.

Post daily updates on what your business is up to and let people know about promotions to drive sales during slower times of the year.

Market Your Roofing Business the Right Way

Roofing advertising on the cheap is hard, but the internet makes it possible. Follow some of the many digital marketing guides that are available online to hone-in on how to market your business the right way.

Social media and SEO are just the beginning, but there is so much more to consider.

The most important thing is to try out a few different methods and find out what works for your business.

Get started today and see how much digital advertising can change lead generation for you.

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