Traditional Marketing Matters by

Traditional Marketing Matters

Although the marketing arena has expanded by quite a lot in the last 20 years, traditional marketing has earned its place long ago. Social media and online marketing are where a more substantial chunk of the effort goes now, but the ability to touch and hold a flyer or flick through a pamphlet still holds a lot of appeal. The combination of traditional and online marketing is powerful.

There are, of course, some traditional marketing methods that are in the client. For the small business owner, however, there are still a lot of options. And while they might not be TV and radio advertisements, signage, billboards, and flyers a budget-friendly and effective.

Flyers and brochures

Flyers and brochures are still one of the most preferred methods to offer a discount, talk about events and new products. Brick and mortar establishments, moles, and even on the streets, our flyers and brochures come in very handy

People often underestimate the power of a handout. But they can be a crucial part of bringing your business new client opportunities. 

Business cards and direct mail illicit emotional reactions, and so do flyers and brochures. When you find the right printing service for small business, you’ll have high-quality flyers and brochures. And quality matters.

Direct mail

While it is essential that you have a great email marketing strategy, you’d be remiss if you didn’t have a direct mail strategy. Direct-mail can score super high points and creativity, and you are able to personalize and target a specific audience is too.

Direct-mail is often easier to understand and has a considerable power to influence readers. In some research studies, brand recall is much higher when direct-mail was pitched against other marketing methods, for example, email. 

Direct-mail can have a better impact because it feels more personal and individualized, so rather than a client or customer feel they are part of a mass mail out email, you can tailor it and make each direct mailing count.

Event marketing

The power of persuasive copy should not be ignored.

When you have the right copywriter on your side, your traditional marketing will be on point every time.

Consider event marketing like networking with a twist. 

Networking will be vital in attracting top talent to work for your business and new links with other companies that you can work with in the future. Online marketing cannot bridge the gap that networking inhabits.

Print ads

While many people say print is dying, they’re wrong. Print is merely evolving every year. Newspapers and magazines are now available on digital mediums, and the smartphone puts adverts directly in the hands of potential clients and customers. When you have the right graphics team and copywriters, your print ads will really pop.

In order to have the most fully rounded marketing strategy, traditional marketing should be considered. There are many options when it comes to small businesses, and one is likely to suit you. Marketing is and will always be an art. And the traditional techniques have been proven to work time and time again.

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