Up And Coming HR Tech. #NewToHR

Up And Coming HR Tech

Gamers and Tech Specialists are not the only ones to benefit from new innovation.

In today’s world, change is progress.

From how to incorporate the ever changing expectations of current generations to clearly outlining common themes that make or break transition, technological adaptability is clearly a part of how HR will stay relevant.

Programs like Skype and Zoom have revolutionized the interview, and social media channels can be harnessed to attract potential talent. Similarly, apps are emerging that better match employees with companies. Some of these focus in on work-life balance to help the HR team build a plan that truly supports its team. Utilize these countless free programs on the market to change how you conduct searches and interviews.

Social Media is not only used to spread the word about who’s hiring.

Human Resources can monitor it, paying attention to any negativity that may show up. By tracking this, issues within the workforce can be pinpointed and respectfully dealt with long before the issue blows up into a major fiasco. Tied to the big data and analytics section, visionaries are suggesting that these large swathes of data can similarly be used as predictors of employee potential.

Without the need for interviews or direct interaction, HR will be able to soundly determine those destined for management and those destined for employment elsewhere.


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Though many fear the advent of smart machines which are predicted to take over almost 50% of jobs run by humans, many are supporting a possibility of joint teams comprised of HR professionals and these ‘artificial brains’.

By working together, they can create better opportunities and challenges. Along with this, however, a different skill set will need to be utilized to keep HR competitive.

People with analytical, engineering, communications and marketing backgrounds are all going to prove themselves to be very useful in the coming years with the People / Human Resources arena.

There is still an underlying fear that technology will completely override the need for humans in the office. While this is still a future not yet in existence, technology is little by little positively forcing its way deeper into corporate functioning.

Only by using the power of HR technology – teams can enhance and build upon what is currently done, as it is up to HR to lead the charge toward a positive integration of software and hardware.

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