Using Software When Recruiting by

Using Software When Recruiting

Recruitment software can make a huge difference to your business. Such software is about much more than just automating your recruitment process. It enables you to find the best candidates for the roles you have; to organise your data; to fill vacancies at short notice; and therefore allows you to focus on other more pressing aspects of your business. 

By eliminating unnecessary work and streamlining processes with the likes of, you can save money and focus on growing your company, perhaps creating new roles and opportunities in the process. 

Manage Data More Efficiently 

One of the problems related to the recruitment of new members of staff is the amount of data that needs to be acquired and sifted through to make the right decision. Each potential candidate comes with personal information, work and education histories and references to be followed up. Additionally, there is data related to closing dates, interviews, open days and candidates’ contact information. 

Recruitment CRM helps to capture and organise information from application forms and CVs.

This reduces the amount of work you need to do manually and makes the information more accessible, so you can more easily determine the right people to shortlist and invite to the next phase of recruitment.

The recruitment CRM software can organise candidates’ contact information to ensure that you do not lose track of those that you want to follow up on. Using such recruitment software reduces the risk of data duplication, thus reducing errors and unnecessary workloads. This means that your time can be better used talking to the right candidates and matching them to the roles you have available. 

Having all this data and more to hand reduces the time between identifying a need for new members of staff and being able to hire the perfect individuals for the role. This is essential when you require an employee for an immediate start or short-term contract.

Having your data stored in such a way means it is also easy to update and revisit when necessary. New contact details can be added without difficulty, and candidates that you may want to recall at a later date for different positions can be easily kept on the system. 

How A Recruitment App Helps Your Choose The Best Person For The Job

Choosing the right person for a specific job within your company is not always easy and can become even more complex when you have several individuals that all meet the basic requirements. The right recruitment system can help you make the right decision in less time in several ways.

Firstly, a recruitment app, as we discussed above, helps you to organise the information you have. However, it also aids you in gathering more information than you may otherwise have time to do. This means that you can find out more about your potential candidates and their suitability for the roles on offer.

For example, you can search online for potential candidates and use mapping features to see where they are based in relation to your business. This is the type of information that could aid you in making a final decision between two equally experienced and skilled candidates. 

If one lives closer, or is otherwise more ideally located, then they may be the better choice, perhaps if the role involves needing to be on-call or being available at short notice.

Using recruitment agency software also means you can set specific search parameters and keywords, so the most appropriate candidates are brought to the forefront. This reduces the time you spend scanning through applications that are unlikely to make the cut. The best recruitment apps allow you to set parameters to include anything from specific skills and qualifications to expected salary.

Match Employers And Employees With An Agency Focused Recruitment System

Such recruitment software is not just beneficial to individual companies looking to increase or improve their workforce. It can also improve the efficiency of talent spotters, employment agencies and recruitment experts.

By being able to better match potential employees to the right roles, you use your time and resources better; improve your return on investment; and ensure that you remain the top recruitment choice of employers.

By using recruitment system software that enables you to score and rank potential candidates for roles as they appear in your books, you can send candidates to employers that are more likely to fit their requirements. Not only does this mean that the candidate is more likely to recommend you to other people searching for employment, but the employer is also likely to reuse your services and endorse you to other employers in the future. 

The improved data collection and storage solutions that form part of such a recruitment management system also allow you to keep your databases up-to-date.

You can ensure that you are only contacting candidates when they are available and with roles that suit their interests as well as their skills. This means less wasted time, as you are less likely to contact them for a full-time role if they are only interested in part-time work, for example.

Being able to link your records with a candidate’s social media feeds also means that you can drop updates into their records as appropriate and use these platforms to send relevant information to the candidate.

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