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Warning Signs That It’s Time For A New Doctor

Do you dread a trip to the doctor? As a patient, you need to feel comfortable when you visit the doctor, as they’re essential to your health. If you’re not, here are some red flags that suggest it’s time to move on. 

They Don’t Listen To You

You’re explaining your symptoms, but your doctor is just staring at their computer screen. When you’re finished, they ask you to repeat yourself. Maybe you tell your doctor that you looked up a symptom, and they dismiss you instead of listening to your concerns. Maybe they’re multitasking or feel that you don’t have the skills to understand how illnesses are diagnosed, but that doesn’t mean that your doctor can be inattentive or dismissive.

Whether you need answers or want to discuss an alternative therapy, they need to be respectful. However, keep in mind that nice doesn’t always mean competent. You might have to sacrifice bedside manner for skill sometimes, as long as you’re comfortable to do that. Tell your doctor you want their full attention. If they can’t or won’t give it, move on. 

They Hate It When You Ask Questions

Your doctor works for you, not the other way around. You’re paying for your care, so you have the right to ask as many questions as you want about tests, procedures, or medications. Some doctors are better at dealing with people than others.

Sometimes, providers that you don’t have to see very often, such as for a second opinion, may be less skilled at face-to-face chats, which you might be willing to put up with.

However, for your primary care physician, you want some more people skills. For specialists, learn what you can from them, go back if you have more questions, and know that you can get more information from your usual doctor that you will be seeing for a longer time. If you try this, and still can’t get clear answers or are made to feel a nuisance for having questions, look for a new doctor. 

They Give You A Diagnosis That Feels Wrong But Won’t Entertain Alternatives

If you’re struggling with terrible headaches that your doctor insists is just stress, trust your gut if that seems wrong. Doctors are pressed for time and will often look at a young, otherwise healthy patient and choose the most benign explanation. They may not even order further tests to confirm what is happening. You know your body best, and pointing that out shouldn’t be an inconvenience to your doctor. Insist on a more thorough exam, with proper tests.

A wrong diagnosis could worsen your health. If this happens, get in touch with a medical malpractice attorney. If you get to this stage with your doctor and cannot work it out, then it’s definitely time for a new doctor. A second opinion can be valuable if you aren’t convinced by a diagnosis or want confirmation. If your doctor is dismissive, ditch them and find another who will help you. 

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