Ways That A DUI Can Damage Or Destroy Your Career

If you get arrested for the reason associated with a DUI (Driving Under The Influence), the consequences often are more involved than just jail time.

In fact these types of charges will often have a serious impact on either your career or your job.

Below are some of the implications of a DUI:

Suspended License

If your license becomes suspended, you will not be offered with an exemption in order to travel to your place of work. This may mean you will have to take alternative transportation such as taking a bus, taxi or even hiring a driver. Choosing the option of a bus is usually unreliable and you could put your job in jeopardy for coming late to work all the time. In addition, if your career involves driving around you are really in trouble.

Mandatory Firing Process

There are many employers that will state in their employment contracts or handbooks that convictions related to crimes can mean you are automatically fired. If your employer happens to have this type of policy in place you will probably be out of work. The employers that have these types of policies in place typically require that they must be notified as soon as you have been arrested.

Loss Of Insurance

If you have a job that involves driving around and you have managed to retain your license after a DUI, the insurance company you may be using may not offer insurance for individuals who have DUI’s. If your insurance is covered by the company you work for in regards to operating heavy equipment or vehicles, your employer risks losing out on this coverage and will probably decide to let you go on this basis.

Diversion Program

If you happen to qualify for what is known as a diversion program, which assists you in avoiding time in jail, you may still have a mandatory notification passed onto your employer or even visits that will happen at your place of work. Certain states require that if have a guilty-plea in order to enter into diversion programs and your employer happens to find out about this you are probably out of a job.

Professional License

The majority of the professional licenses such as plumbers, doctors, lawyers or nurses necessitate that an arrest must be disclosed to the necessary licensing agency. Dependent on your agency or state, this could have an effect on the license you hold and without this license you will lose your job.

Missing Out On Work

You may have to miss days of work in association to alcohol treatment programs or your court appearance. You may even have to face prison time. This can result in a lot of time missed out on work which could mean the end of your employment contract.

Job Applications

While a few states and countries do not allow that employers are allowed to inquire about convictions and arrest when it comes to job applications, however, many do! In addition a DUI appears on your driver’s license and public records.


Nearly every university or college will ask about criminal convictions as well as financial-aid applications. This could mean you miss out on your education or the financial aid needed to pay for your education.

Commercial Drivers License

DUI’s will appear on a commercial driving-record for a period of 55 years in the UK. If you happen to be a commercial driver your career is really over.


DUI’s are dealt with differently around the world – make sure to verify the full process with your HR department and/or country law’s office.

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