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What Businesses Make The Best Use Of Your Money-Savvy?

Running any business requires some degree of financial competence. After all, your ability to keep your cash flow healthy, manage your money well, and know when and how to invest it are key to any business’s success. However, if you have a particular talent for managing finances and making those numbers do what you want, that is a skill that you can offer to your clients through a range of businesses, including the following.


One of the most basic businesses that you can start if you have the money-savvy for it. Every business needs to keep track of their finances, keep records of all expenses, manage their cash flow, and keep the books balanced in their favor. Bookkeepers do the work of keeping all those records, organizing all of the data, and presenting it in a way that helps business owners make better decisions with their money. They’re not quite the same thing as accountants, as they don’t have the qualifications to offer legal tax advice.

Tax preparation

While also not quite a chartered accountant (or certified public accountant/CPA), tax preparers do have to register to obtain an identification number and have to pass their own competency test. Starting a tax business is somewhat easier than becoming an accountant, but still requires some prep-work. As the name implies, they help clients get their tax forms and paperwork in order for when it’s time to file.

Financial advising

Bookkeepers can offer limited advice on how to adjust the cash flow to the benefit of the business and tax preparers can offer some limited advice on how to do taxes appropriately based on the client’s plans. Financial advisors have a much wider remit, consulting business owners and wealthy individuals on steps they can take to manage, protect, and grow their wealth through the right investments, saving strategies, and cost reductions. As such, they also have to come with a wider range of expertise when it comes to money.

Payroll management

If you have a history in HR to go with your money-savvy, then payroll management might be the easiest path for you to get into. A payroll management agency will help a business ensure that their payroll functions are set up to ensure the appropriate compensation for their employees, as well as bonuses, deductions, and more. They often work by helping business owners set up and configure payroll software.

Debt reduction

Much like financial advisors, debt reduction agencies offer clients tips on how to manage their wealth. However, in this case, it is to the specific aim of reducing or eliminating debt. As such, debt reduction specialists can help clients create budgets as well as looking at options, such as negotiating with creditors or working with debt consolidation agencies.

Never underestimate how willing other business owners are to pay in order to make sure that they keep more of their money. If you have money-savvy, you might be able to sell it to them with one of the above businesses.

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