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What Does It Take To Hire A Marketing Expert?

The art of hiring the right person can be honed over the years. When you are looking to hire a specific person who is an incremental piece to the business puzzle, it can be challenging to find someone who is a jack-of-all-trades, but also a massive restraint, especially in the marketing industry. While we have to look at the various marketing channels, this is only one part of it. What does it take to hire a marketing expert?

Their Overall Marketing Channel Experience

A very straightforward and simple place to begin. By understanding the channels they have worked on, and how long they have been in those channels, can help you paint a better picture, but also understand how far you can take the business in other areas. Digital marketing is one of those areas that is essential, but one of the overlooked components is away from the internet.

Looking at experience in direct mail marketing and other offline components can prove beneficial as well. When you get an idea of their overall experience, in terms of the number of years they’ve been working on certain channels, as well as the actionable results, this gives you a good starting point.

Your Definition of KPIs and Results

KPIs and stats are one aspect of the overall marketing arena. Digital marketing can be considered purely as a simple setup and some copywriting, but finding the right expert that is aware of which key performance indicators are crucial to certain marketing initiatives can give you a better idea of their approach to marketing.

It is possible for you to test them by asking about certain platforms or goals that they would use to achieve certain KPIs. Anybody that works in marketing should be able to outline KPIs that they would measure, but also why they are crucial to the success of the entire marketing campaign.

Finding Someone Who Has Their Vision for Your Business

Most businesses set expectations for a new job, but this can be a massive mistake. It is a far better idea to set expectations prior to hiring a new employee. If you can find someone who is able to build valuable strategies that align with your expectations, you’ve got the right person. But in addition to this, you should find someone who can identify specific pain points for your business.

One of the common mistakes that businesses can make when they are hiring new employees is to find someone who knows how they would turn your business around but decide to not listen to them for the very simple fact that they are showing you what is wrong with your baby. However, if they are able to explain in a constructive way what they would do to help your marketing, you are onto a winner.

Hiring a marketing expert is invaluable, especially in small business circles. Marketing is one of those areas that is constantly evolving. But you have to remember that it’s not necessarily about the skills in the here and now, it’s about the long-term development as well.

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