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What Motivates Your Staff The Most?

So, you’ve taken on some talented people. What strategies can you use to motivate them? What will make them work hard towards the cause and take your business to the next level

Figuring it out isn’t easy – it is something that many leaders throughout history have struggled to do. But it is also essential. If you don’t keep your employees motivated, even the best among them will slack off. Eventually, your entire company will suffer. 

Always Give Them Room To Grow

People don’t like being stuck in a box, unable to get out. They always want opportunities to grow and develop.

Without that, they invariably become jaded and want to move on. 

It is in the nature of your staff to seek out and overcome the next challenge. They never want to be stuck in the same post forever.

Personal development is a critical ingredient that keeps them moving forward. There always has to be another mountain to conquer.  

Be Transparent About The State Of Your Business

A lot of employees show up to work just to get paid. The money you give them for the work that they do pays bills and feeds their families. It is a necessary part of their life. 

The problem with this approach is that it is not intrinsically motivating.

People show up for work Monday through Friday, not because they want to be there, but because they feel like they have a duty to themselves and the people who depend on them. They don’t feel any connection or loyalty to the business itself. 

As a leader, though, you can change that dynamic. There’s no reason why colleagues can’t feel just as invested in your enterprise as you are. After all, their livelihoods depend on it. 

One of the best ways to motivate people is to regularly update them on the state of the company and the effects of their actions. The harder they work and the better their customer service, the more significant the impact on the bottom line. 

Recognize Achievements

Managers are beginning to realize that merely recognizing achievements is one of the most powerful tools that they can use to motivate people in the workplace.

Many leaders use performance management software to collect data on team members to give them awards. 

Let’s be clear – these rewards don’t have to be massive bonuses or anything like that.

Something as simple as a gift voucher or public recognition can be all it takes to motivate some members of your team deeply. 

Ask Team Members What Would Motivate Them

When it comes to motivation, we’re all different. For some people, the overriding motivator is money.

For others it is affirmation. When it comes to inspiring people in your business, you just don’t know how each person will react. Sometimes your only option is to get out there and actually ask people.

The more you can motivate people to stay with your team for longer; the more successful your enterprise will be. People with a long experience ultimately generate tremendous value for your firm. 

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