What Your Marketing Team Does Not Understand About Digital Outreach by

What Your Marketing Team Does Not Understand About Digital Outreach

On this blog, we understand that it is people who make an organization what it is. The more talented and unified they are, the better the outcomes will be for your enterprise. 

Unfortunately, some companies don’t take full advantage of the resources available to them, especially in marketing departments. Many marketing managers think that they understand the world of digital outreach, but in practice, they don’t. 

Here’s what your marketing team doesn’t understand about advertising online and what you can do about it. 

Your Team Thinks That Viral Content Is The Most Valuable

Many digital marketing bosses are constantly on the hunt for the elusive viral content – the one video or image that will supercharge their ability to convert. Unfortunately, things rarely pan out this way.

Firms wind up spending thousands of dollars trying to find a formula that works, all the while missing out on low-hanging fruit available elsewhere. 

Digital marketing isn’t about hitting the jackpot and creating instant awareness of your brand.

It’s about doing all the little things day to day that helps expand your internet empire. The best SEO strategies are often years in the making.

Your Team Believes Duplicate Content Always Hurts Your SEO

There’s a feeling out there among digital marketing gurus that duplicate content – content that is similar or the same as existing content – is automatically bad for SEO. But ask anyone with experience in the industry, and they’ll soon tell you that this is a long way from the truth. Duplicate content can actually be the backbone of your digital strategy. 

For starters, you can tell Google that you know you have duplicate content using a special tool. You might, for instance, want to post the same blog on both your UK and US sites.

Second, many firms recycle their content every year, updating the title and changing to the odd sentence here and there, where necessary. Often there’s no need (or advantage) to starting from scratch. Semi-duplicate content that looks like the original is still valuable in its own right. 

Your Team Thinks All Content Must Be Relevant

The third thing that marketing departments believe is that all content must be relevant. But if you look at brands like Red Bull, you soon see that this is not true. That company joins in with all kinds of activities that are not strictly relevant to its core business model of selling energy drinks, yet it does them anyway. 

Your People Believe That All Links Are Good

Link building is right at the core of an effective digital marketing strategy. Many analysts believe that it is still the primary way to gain visibility on search engines, like Google. 

With that said, though, not all links are good – even those that appear to come from reputable websites. 

The trick here is to analyze and evaluate all your incoming links to ensure that they’re legitimate. If the authority of a site is questionable, then you’re usually better off disavowing the link and trying to find alternative sources. If you don’t, then Google might punish you. 

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