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What’s It Like To Be An Instacart Shopper?

At least 1 in 3 Americans eat fast food every day.

It’s easy to make the assumption that people don’t eat at home as much due to convenience.

Instacart recognized this trend. In 2012, they began offering a solution to the problem: convenient grocery services.

A customer places an order for delivery or curbside pick-up and an Instacart shopper fulfills the order.

This solution may help those who don’t want to grocery shop, as well as those who can’t.

Are you interested in learning more about what it’s like to be an Instacart shopper? We’ve got your back.

Here’s what you need to know about the day-to-day, company culture, and how to get involved full-time or as a side hustle.

Where Can You Be an Instacart Shopper?

The Instacart Headquarters, located in San Fransico, isn’t the only place for a job opportunity.

The company serves in 38 states from more than 300 retailers. These include Albertsons, ALDI, Costco, and Sam’s Club. 

If Instacart is in a city near you, you can always apply to become a full-service shopper.

Full-Service Shoppers

An independent contractor position, full-service shoppers do it all. They select groceries as well as delivery to customers.

Full-service shoppers can work unlimited hours per week, with no minimum requirement. You choose your hours between 9 AM and 12 AM (depending on the city) and work when you want to.

To be a full-service shopper, you need to be 18 years or older (21 or older if delivering alcohol). You also need a smartphone, a car, a background check, and minimum required insurance. 

It’s an entry-level position, so aside from those requirements, you should be able to stand on your feet throughout your shift and be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Additionally, you need insulated food bags to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Instacart sells preapproved options for $20.

Once the shopper completed the work week, payment comes in via direct deposit weekly. Pay varies based on work completed, although many review sites claim the average to be between $10 to $15 an hour.

If you don’t have a car, the company still has options for you.

Part-Time Shoppers

Without a car, you can still shop for customers. They will either pick it up curbside or a deliverer will grab it from you.

Part-time positions involve up to 29 hours per week on a flexible schedule. You can get payment directly deposited or through a check in the mail.

These positions offer access to a 401(k) retirement account, among other benefits.

Company Culture

You can see what the company is like through their culture and practices.

They recently celebrated LGBTQ+ Pride Month, as well as bring your kid to work day. 

The in-person offices, where part-time shoppers complete orientation and career positions work, offers snacks and a yoga room.

Career positions also have access to maternity and paternity leave, showing that this company has their workers’ best interests at heart.

How to Get Started

It’s a simple process. Once you’ve checked that they’re in a city near you, you create an account to apply. 

If accepted for a part-time position, you complete orientation. Otherwise, it’s just a matter or completing tax paperwork and downloading the app.

Unique Work Opportunity

We didn’t have grocery deliverers 10 years ago. It’s a modern solution to a modern problem — healthy, convenient eating.

Being an Instacart shopper is as straight-forward as it seems: you apply, you shop for groceries, and (depending on your position) you deliver them.

If you’re interested, go for it. There’s no risk in trying.Either way, keep learning about new work opportunities through our blog. 

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