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Why Argentina Is Becoming A Popular Place To Hire Remote Tech Talent

Argentina has no shortage when it comes to talent. Over the years, Argentina has been known to be the home of sporting icons like the great Maradona and Messi. Well, the country is now proving to be a growing hub for tech in Latin America. In fact, Argentina is now one of the top countries that many businesses globally consider go-to for outsourcing software development and other tech talents. So why Argentina? Let us delve in and dissect why Argentina is becoming a popular place to hire remote tech talent.

Argentina takes Top-quality Education Seriously

Argentina goes all-in when it comes to offering a free high-quality type of education to its citizens despite being a developing country. The country is producing highly qualified graduates equipped to tackle problems in different areas. To take it further, the countries’ universities and colleges offer various IT courses that provide in-depth knowledge of programming. The best part is that their education system isn’t focusing on the theory part. Undergraduates need to take a practical project to solve real-life problems to be credited with a bachelor’s degree.

They are Transparent in their Development Process

If you seek transparency in what you are paying for as a business owner, consider outsourcing from Argentina. Most Argentina developers value an honest and transparent relationship with their clients. This means that you will be in close communication with the developers throughout the project. You will be part of the developing team and have control over the project as a client.

Reasonable Costs

Cost is definitely a factor when it comes to sourcing for talent and outsourcing dev companies. Now, Argentina developers tend to offer a top-notch service to their clients at reasonable costs compared to the US and the European markets. The Software Development Argentina market is relatively affordable owing to the lower cost of living in the country. No wonder the growth rate is high, with many Silicon Valley companies finding talent in the country.

English Speaking Devs

The language barrier is one of the factors that is a concern for many companies when it comes to outsourcing services from a foreign country. The fact that most of Argentina’s software developers have upper-intermediate English is an advantage in the market. Well, Argentina has the highest score of 58.38 when it comes to the English Proficiency Index among the other Latin American countries.

Amazing Talent Retention

The software industry in Argentina continues to grow even though the country went through severe inflation in the past. There is an increase in demand from foreign companies seeking development services, creating more job opportunities. However, the attrition rates in this sector are low. It is a metric that shows developers always stay in one job for a long time. This will be great for any business seeking to outsource programmers. Of course, it is easier to work with the same developers throughout your project development life-cycle.

Final Thoughts

The software development market in Argentina is now a flourishing field that promises more in the future. The market seems to grow each day, with developers delivering high-quality work to their clients and maintaining good communication along with it. If you are looking to outsource tech services, it is high time you consider new players like Argentina, Latin America and even Africa for talent.

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