Why Big Companies And Startups Need Cakephp Developers

The market size of web applications and cloud-based services is expanding significantly. This pushes the demand for software developers higher than ever before. PHP programming language and its frameworks like CakePHP are also in high demand. To hire CakePHP developer is one of the top requirements of every small and large company dealing with faster development of web applications in the marketplace nowadays. 

According to the ADT information, the number of PHP developers ranks the 5th largest in the global market with a whopping number of over 5.5 million. The CakePHP framework is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for faster, reliable, and secure web application development.

What Is CakePHP?

CakePHP is one of the most popular PHP frameworks extensively used for the development of cloud-based web applications.

This platform is based on the PHP computer programming language. It is an open-source framework that allows web developer specializing in CakePHP to develop high-quality web apps much faster and with robust security.

This framework is free to use that attracts all sizes of companies as well as the CakePHP developer for startup companies. This platform was first introduced in 2005 and the latest version 4.0.3 of this platform was released in January 2020.

This framework is very simple intuitive to learn and very easy to use. The learning curve is also shorter than many other frameworks.

It offers greater flexibility in caching, access control lists, and templating.

CakePHP framework supports the modular approach of web app development with powerful capabilities of Model-View-Controller MVC.

This feature of the CakePHP framework allows a CakePHP certified developer to develop a professional-grade web application that separates business logic from software coding.

Leading Countries and Big Companies Using CakePHP Development

CakePHP is used by almost all major countries in the world. According to the BuiltWith statistics, the total number of the website built with CakePHP is 191,263 websites, out of which more 57,283 websites are live on the internet at the time of this writing.

The USA, Brazil, and Germany are the top three countries with the number of websites built with the CakePHP framework.

The USA has over 23,866 live websites at the time of this writing. The other major countries where CakePHP is very popular in web application development include Japan, France, UK, Poland, Netherland, and many others.

Numerous big companies that have huge websites in terms of traffic also use the CakePHP framework on their websites. More than 38 websites in the top 10K websites use the CakePHP framework. The share of CakePHP powered websites in the top 100K is over 0.27% with over 269 live websites.

The top websites of the big companies that use the power of CakePHP for their online presence include MegaDede, SoccerSuck, Oceans-Nadia, Smart GSM, Inbox Dollar, and many others.

All these websites have millions of visits every month. The other major companies that use CakePHP in their websites include CNBC, Sony Music, Auto Trader, BMW, University Beyond, MIT Institute Boston, French Agriculture Research Institute INRA, and many others.

A large majority of the companies that use CakePHP are located in European, North American, and South American countries. India and Australia are the other two countries where the number of CakePHP powered websites is sizeable.

The popularity of CakePHP in geographically diverse regions increases the demand for a freelance CakePHP developer as well as a remote web developer.  

What Are Major Benefits for Companies to Hire CakePHP Developer?

A professional company gets greater benefits by hiring CakePHP developers because they help them create faster websites and maintain a gigantic number of websites in the global marketplace.

According to the W3Tech information, the share of PHP in the server-side programming of the websites is about 79% worldwide.

This huge market of websites powered by PHP needs developers dealing with the major PHP-based frameworks like CakePHP and others.  The major benefits that a company gets by hiring CakePHP developers are mentioned below. 

#1 Increased Business Opportunity

Whether you are a software development company or end-user company that owns a PHP-based website, you need the help of a professional grade Cake developer.

This will increase your business opportunities. Any service provider that has a CakePHP developer will be able to provide professional-grade services to their clients immediately without missing any business opportunity.

#2 Faster Completion of Projects

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers will increase with an average growth of over 13% CAGR between 2018 and 2028.

So, finding and recruiting processes of hiring any kind of CakePHP developer may take many weeks and sometimes months. On the other hand, the software development market has become so fast and time-sensitive. If you don’t have a CakePHP developer, you may miss the project deadlines and consequently substantial commercial value of your project.

#3 Competency Edge over Competitors

Any company, which has a CakePHP developer in the development team, has a substantial competitive edge over the competitors in multiple ways. Having a professional CakePHP developer in a team improves the power and reputation of a software development company.

#4 Professional Approach to Development

Any Service Provider Company needs a professional approach to even bid for a new project. Without a CakePHP developer, your bid for any project can put you either out of competition or in a deficit cost project. You may not be able to bid and build a professional piece of work.

#5 Reliability in Software Development

Having a CakePHP developer in your team makes your company feel confident and relax. Any kind of issue related to the development, maintenance, testing, and performance of your software product can easily be done with full reliability.

Why CakePHP Is the Best Framework for Website Development?

Based on many great reasons, CakePHP is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks in the world. A few major reasons are listed below.

  • Very easy, simple and intuitive platform
  • Offers robust security including ACL and other features
  • Faster development powered by a large library and built-in tools
  • Supports Model-View-Controller capability
  • Open-source platform
  • Better code reuse ability
  • Supports many types of Databases along with the CRUD scaffolding capabilities
  • Cross-platform framework
  • Supports class inheritance
  • Supports object-relational mapping ORM
  • Offers great compatibility and flexibility 

Final Takeaway

CakePHP is a very popular framework based on PHP, one of the powerful programming languages.

Being a highly rich-featured, secure, and reliable platform, every small and large enterprise wants to hire a CakePHP developer for achieving a competitive edge in the marketplace. And, CakePHP framework offers numerous benefits to the startup as well as the large companies for hiring a professional CakePHP developer in their respective teams.

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