Why Does Modern Marketing Need To Be So Clever by

Why Does Modern Marketing Need To Be So Clever?

There are so many ways to market a business, and there really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It all depends on what you sell and who your customers are, and as a business it’s down to you to figure out the best methods to use.

Because of the way technology and our shopping habits have changed over the years, the way we market companies has had to adapt and evolve alongside this and we most definitely have to be cleverer these days.

Market research, A/B testing or hiring a professional marketing company like this pr agency to run things are all options to finding the best methods, but here are a few to brush up on and consider. 

Content marketing

We live in a world where we’re constantly exposed to ads, and as a result many of us have now developed ‘banner blindness’ or just use ad blockers to outright block the marketing efforts of many businesses. So as a result, marketing needs to be smarter.

Customers don’t want ads and offers shoved down their throat, however they’re much more open to content that offers something to them. This is why content marketing is so effective, it’s not designed to push an ad or product but instead is content designed to inform, amuse or generally provide something to them.

Products are included as recommendations, and links are included as further reading which people can opt to click on if they want to. It’s a much less aggressive approach to advertising but something that is far more appealing and effective than many other kinds. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing surprisingly isn’t all about selling on social media. In fact, research has shown time and time again that this isn’t people preferred buying platform.

However, it’s still vital to your marketing efforts as social media is used for interaction, for increasing brand awareness and generally building buzz around your company. From there, people then have the choice to click on your site and purchase from you if they want to. If you start spamming links and products, you’ll simply turn people off. 

Events and expos

When you’re advertising your product or business to the general public, you have the added difficulty of trying to convince them that they need what you’re selling. However, when you go to an expo or event, you have people actively looking for companies like yours all in the same place. It’s not to say it’s easy to sell since there will still be competition with the other businesses there, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with relevant customers.

Do your research, find out where and when expos in your businesses field are being held and go and attend them. 

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