Why Giving Your Employees A Voice Is Critical To Your Business by #NewToHR

Why Giving Your Employees A Voice Is Critical To Your Business

When was the last time you asked your employees for their feedback? When was the last time you asked them for their ideas?

If you never have, or if you can’t remember specific moments, then you need to take action.

Have those face-to-face conversations with individual members of your team. Operate an open-door policy so they can come to you with feedback and suggestions. Hold weekly or monthly staff meetings where ideas can be shared. And use feedback forms, employee onboarding surveys, social media, and emails to communicate with your employees too.

There are benefits to your business if you do, and we will detail some of them below.

#1: Your employees need to feel valued

We all like to feel valued, so to ensure your employees benefit from such feelings, create those channels where their voices can be heard.

Even if your employees’ feedback offers very little, you will still have given them the opportunity to have a say within your business. In return, this might boost employee morale, encourage greater productivity, and reduce employee absences and resignations.

After all, you need to remember your employees are human beings. They aren’t mindless worker drones there to do your every bidding without any emotional or logical response. They do have qualifications and experiences that need to be recognised. So, remember this, as your employees and your business will benefit if you do.

#2: Problems can be solved

As a business leader, you can’t always be expected to spot every flaw within your business. 

There may be issues within your leadership that need to be addressed. The methods you use to carry out some of your business tasks might be outdated or impractical within your company. And you might have made mistakes within your goal setting or in your team management.

  • If your employees weren’t allowed to offer feedback, you might never come to understand the problems that lie within your business. Not only would this negatively affect the morale of your staff, but your business might never achieve its true potential.

So, ask your employees for their feedback.

Find out where problems lie. Listen to any advice given to you. And then take action where action needs to be taken.

#3: Your employees might have ideas to benefit your business

Giving your employees a voice isn’t only about picking up on problems. It’s also about discovering new ideas and pieces of information that might one day benefit your business.

So, don’t be a lone ranger in business. Ask your employees for their ideas, as you might be rewarded if you do. They might have insights into your business that you haven’t considered. They might have ideas on improving your product or service. And they might be the bringer of an innovative suggestion that could massively grow your business.


  • How would you feel if your voice wasn’t heard?
  • How would you feel if your opinion didn’t matter?

Think on this and then consider the same for your employees. Improve their day by getting them more involved with your business, and then enjoy the benefits that have been highlighted within this article. Your survivability in the business world might just depend on them.

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