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Why Is SEO Important For The Legal Sector?

The majority of people turn to Google when they have a legal question or need a recommendation for a good lawyer or legal firm to represent them. It is there that they read reviews, see ratings, find out all they can about the options available (especially locally!), and finally make their choice.

In the legal sector, referrals are everything  – be they in person, or via reviews on Google, Facebook, mentions on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. A quality SEO agency can make all the difference. Let us explain how. 

How Can SEO Help Your Legal Firm?

If you want your legal firm to be noticed among the ever-growing competition, you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help get you leverage and appear among the top organic search results, local and otherwise, on Google and other search engines.

However, there is the “right” and the “wrong” type of SEO, especially for law firms. The “right” type, in this case, means “white-hat” SEO which uses ethical and legal strategies to get your business and website noticed while eliminating any chance of you getting penalized for using unethical marketing tactics. As a law firm, you must keep your integrity, keep up your visibility, and reputation.

If you can learn how, or hire somebody to create an effective SEO strategy, you are guaranteed to build your firm’s reputation as a respectable, trustworthy, high-quality business, and thus help more clients, and also make your employees’ jobs so much more pleasant.

With SEO, you can grow your online presence, rank higher in search results, optimize your website (in general and specifically for keyword searches), and finally get more leads.

But what does an effective SEO strategy include? What do quality SEO agencies offer, you may ask? A °great SEO agency should provide you with:

  • An SEO strategy adapted to your law firm’s offering to match you with the right clients;
  • Constant strategy reevaluation that adapts according to changing algorithms and regulations;
  • Technical SEO (managing your website from a technical standpoint and making its look and functionality flawless);
  • On-site SEO (optimization of all parts of your website to gain visibility for specific keyword searches);
  • Off-site SEO (help with promoting your site on other websites through social networks, more traditional PR, guest posts, managing and building backlinks, spam control, managing your reviews and listings, and so much more).

SEO and People Operations Working Together

People operations have grown to become a more contemporary version of HR and aid employees in being more productive and happy at work while executing tactics to maximize their potential, performance, and satisfaction.

While HR is generally seen as “putting out fires”, people operations are preemptive. They work in tandem with HR by analyzing their data and then use it to make everyday life in the office better. People teams might check if the firm is a good fit for the new employee (rather than vice versa) and, from that point forward, what has to be done in the business to help the employees grow.

You might be wondering: what do SEO and people operations have to do with one another? 

And SEO approach entails knowing how the customer thinks, predicting the keywords they might use in searches, and what services they need. In this sense, people operations can learn a thing or two from SEO to help treat employees as a sort of “customer on the inside”.

Apart from this, the same keywords your clients use to search for you might end up being the same words your people team should highlight when directing your employees’ focus.

Since people teams are formed of individuals that come from various backgrounds (sociology, IT specialists, and so on), you might even consider including an SEO or marketing specialist on the team to provide your employees with input on what to focus on when they get a bit demotivated or lost, and thus maximize their potential.

To get with the times, the legal sector must learn to use SEO to its advantage. Many law firms have already seen wonderful results by working with SEO and marketing agencies, especially ones that are specialized for the legal sector such as Legmark, who have helped them build their reputation as well as online presence, and ultimately get new leads!

If you can embrace both social media networking, content marketing, and SEO, you are bound to grow your business and your revenue, be even more useful to your clients and provide for your employees.

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