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Why You Should Build Your Own Offices

Has your small business just had a cash injection? Or perhaps you have been growing steadily, and it is finally time for you to move the work into its own space. It can be tough to decide if you should buy a building or lease offices. But what if the best option is to build your own? 

Building your own commercial property isn’t just a great choice; it is cost-effective and means it will be 100% fit for purpose. 

So here are a couple of reasons that commercial metal buildings, built to your requirements, are the best choice. 

Fresh Look 

Have you ever walked by a row of office buildings and realized that none of them have a unique look? You wouldn’t be able to tell the high-end fashion magazine office apart from the law firm next door. 

When you build your own officers, you can work with the architects to create something that is on brand and unique to what you do. If you need to sell the building in the future, it will remain unique and covetable. 


When you are looking at offices, you might notice that they will all need some work on the inside to fit with what you need. Depending on your business type, you might need more or less office space. Smaller meeting rooms or more communal spaces. 

Having an office that is designed around your needs is something that no price can be put upon. It means the perfect office will exist for you – because you have had it built. 


When you decide to rent an office, that can be considered lost cash – because if you leave, you’ll never see it back. It’s not a true investment. However, when you buy or build your own office, you will be investing in something that your business owns.

And, if you modify your plans to include rentable space to other companies, you can see an income on it too. 

A building that you own is a long-term investment


The cost of your building will vary based on where it is, but when you compare building and owning a commercial property against the cost of years’ worth of rental, you’ll quickly see that the rental will not be cost-effective. 

Since your building is new, you won’t have to constantly be asking for repairs, you won’t need to fit the bill when things go wrong, and it is all on your schedule. Meaning that you’ll have a set moving-in date and more. This is great for planning and can reduce the cost considerably. 


Perhaps one of the biggest issues with renting office spaces or buying older office buildings is that they were built without accessibility. This means you must ensure all of the correct things are modified. Adding ramps, lifts, handrails, and more. 

When you decide to build your own, these will not be modifications – they will be part of the building from the start. 

And finally, something that can work wonders for your productivity is that you can create an environment that makes your workers happy and comfortable: 7 Tips For Creating A Good Work Environment For Employees – New To HR

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