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Why Your Business Should Update Its Network Cabling Now

While it’s not often the first thing that business owners may think about, network cabling services are a must for them. The reason for this is that many failing businesses have done so as a result of their dates network cabling. 

Weak network cables can cause expensive network downtime and hinder on the reliability of the equipment. 

So, what are the benefits of improved network cabling?

Here are a few of them.

1) Decreased Network Downtime 

The more time a business spends in downtime, the longer the period of unproductivity of the staff. Structured network cabling decreases the chance of downtime, so it is, therefore very important cables are kept up-to-date so they stay functioning as they should and improve productivity of staff. 

2) Better Internet Speeds 

When worn down cables begin to lose their ability to stay connected and can impact on the connectivity of a network due to interruptions. Newer cables can ensure that internet speed is good. Getting them from a network cabling company will also ensure that the cables are durable and can withstand wear and tear. They will place them in temperature proof places to protect against the environment of the office. 

3) They are Scalable 

Better structured cabling systems are easy to manage, so that adding any new machines to a network shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. As your business grows, so will the need for increased technology added to the network. Businesses will also have the option to add vital  services such as video conferencing or additional computers, as well as making the task of office relocation significantly easier. 

4) They are Safer 

It is the duty of a network cabling company to be diligent in the management of their cable storage. They should continue to check up and organize cables, decreasing the risk of potential damage to the property or concerns for safety hazards. Businesses will, therefore, be protected against fire, electrical accidents, trips and falls. 

5) They are Always Upgraded 

With a central network, it is easy to replace cabling and can, therefore help businesses to centralize their networks. This means that any upgrades will be easier to complete and can keep businesses at a competitive advantage. 

Newer cables will mean that business networks can run at a higher speed than their competitors who used more dated technology. 

6) They Offer Wireless Options 

Not only do network cabling companies offer support with wired networks, they also support the setup of wireless options. These days, networks should always provide an alternative option if the wired one should fail. Wireless systems will help to limit network downtime should there be a problem with the wires. Staff will still be able to access vital work files as backup files on a wireless network. 

7) Better ROI 

The utilization of a network cabling company helps to safeguard the future growth of a business. With the optimal design offered by network cabling systems, businesses won’t have to continuously find replacement wiring or cables, which will help to save money. The money spent will make itself due to the limited business downtime as a result. 

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