Your Guide To The Workers Compensation Claim Process

If you experienced an injury while at work, you need to know your rights. Most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance protects both employers and employees in the event of an at-work injury. 

While the laws vary from state to state, there are steps you must follow to make a worker’s compensation claim. Both you as the employee and the employer must submit a series of documents providing information about the injury. 

It is important to understand and follow the process correctly to make sure you get your claim approved. Read on to learn about the steps involved in making a worker’s compensation claim.

How Does the Process Work?

If an employee is injured at work and their employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, they should file a claim. While it varies by state, there is usually a short window of time for the claim to be filed. Both the employer and the employee have a part in making the claim:


The employer must abide by state law in regards to reporting the injury. They should guide the employee through the process and provide them with the necessary paperwork. The employer should also complete and file the appropriate paperwork.


The first thing an employee should do is notify their employer of the injury. They need to include:

  • Type of injury
  • How it occurred
  • Date and time it happened

They should then complete the paperwork that they have a worker’s compensation claim. 

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The injury must be work-related. This can come in a variety of forms. The worker could be injured while doing their job, say from a piece of equipment. They could also be injured while at work, maybe slipping on a piece of ice on the sidewalk coming into work. 

For many states, the employee must tell the employer of the injury within 30 days. If the injury requires immediate medical attention, the employee should get care. Often insurers will ask you to see a certain medical care provider as part of the claim.

You might choose to find your own worker’s compensation doctor to protect your rights too. You can find a good doctor by visiting

Completing the paperwork and documenting the injury and care is an important part of the claim process. Both the employer and employee must give information to the insurance company who will then consider the case and decide whether to approve or deny the claim. 


Worker’s who receive compensation can get it in a variety of forms. They can get lost wages because they are unable to work because of the injury. Medical expenses and treatments can be covered through the claim. 

If a disability occurs because of the injury, the claim can include disability payments as well. Sometimes payments for the compensation will be paid over the time of the injury. In other cases, the injured party can seek a one-time lump sum payment for their injuries. 

Understand the Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

While the laws are in place to protect worker’s rights, making a claim is a process. It’s important to follow the correct steps and complete the paperwork in a timely manner.

If you have been injured at work, talk to your employer right away to get the process moving to get your worker’s compensation claim.

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