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5 Modern Approaches To Save Business Time

Time is our most valuable commodity, but how we spend it can dramatically impact its value. Here’s how you can save businesses time and better manage your team’s activity.

Software and AI-Based Automation

While automating a process can make things more efficient, it isn’t always the best choice. Automating most things takes time and resources. So before automating a process, think about whether the return on investment is worth it. If it is, go for it, you will save time and money. There are many industry-standard tools for saving time across most sectors.

You can automate even tricky tasks like software testing with tools like testRigor. With the right tools, testing new software is done with little human input, saving hours of manual labour at a computer desk.

Get Everyone on Collaboration Apps

Just a few years ago, email blasts were the most prevalent tool for companies to share sensitive data. Now we have an endless supply of excellent collaboration apps. However, for an information-sharing app to really be effective, organize information, and communicate with each other, your team needs to be on the same page. Also, suppose you’re worried about getting people to share their opinion.

In that case, collaboration apps can help you engage quickly and effectively and clear up any confusion concerning scheduling and team management.

Learn How to Delegate Effectively

You can’t do everything in your business, no matter how big, small, or mid-sized it is. Plus, you’re not qualified for all the duties. Luckily, there are many talented people you can delegate critical infrastructure to. Of course, it’s best to leave running and core tasks to your team. But if you want, you can entrust such things as accounting to a remote team or let a managed IT service handle network setup. Most work can be outsourced for a cost-effective solution, freeing up your time for other duties depending on your budget.

Develop Internal Procedures

You can’t program everything, but you can still save time by developing internal company methods for specific tasks. Especially tasks your employees need to do repeatedly. For example, suppose you make tablet pressing machines for medical companies. In that case, industrial PCs with custom software are required to control them.

Your in-house tech support team can ensure consistent results by working from a handbook or procedure guide for setting up any required software and operating systems. 

Save Business Time with Constant Connection

Collaboration apps are excellent for communication, but you need to be in constant contact throughout your busy day. And if there are pressing concerns such as project milestones and deadlines, it’s vital someone can always reach you.

You may not like it, but you should give your personal phone number to those who need it and your email addresses. Further, it helps to have a constantly connected chat client like WhatsApp Business like 5 million other companies. It can save tons of time and headaches when someone can always reach you.


You can free up valuable time with the right tools and apps. However, apps aren’t the only tools, and you can work more efficiently by delegation, outsourcing, and developing procedures.

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