5 Steps To Creating An Effective Learning Culture by

5 Steps To Creating An Effective Learning Culture

Up-skilling and training your workforce is an essential element of HR. Often, however so much focus is placed on staff improvement that information overload results. Is it always better to give too much information? According to experts Advance Systems, targeted focus on practical applications to common problems, narrows down time and emotional commitments and wont leave your staff poorly equipped to confront the inevitable challenges in the workplace.

Too much information can leave employees overloaded, leading to lack of motivation and poor performance as well as a poor attitude to training. While training must be an integral part of improving workplace skills, it’s important to strike the right balance. Managers and employees need to work together to strike a dynamic that keeps staff motivated and provides training at a pace that keeps up with demands.

5 Tips to Create an Effective Learning Culture

Managers are Team Members Too

Teams are only as strong as individual members. Managers are also team members and need to reflect on their own skills and experiences. Do these skills enhance or detract from current workplace trends? Do your managers need an updated knowledge base too?

Training from the “Top-Down”

Managers should apply training and education to their own workplace function. This experimentation by management helps them to identify strategies and problems as well as benefits from their own personal experience. Managers that are fully involved are more likely to motivate employees.

Create Incentives

When implementing changes, consider creating an incentive for employees that successfully apply the new model. Who wants to change just because they’re told to do so? This creates the mental shift to spur things on.

Turn the Tables

Often younger employees are better skilled in technology than older. This may mean that they are better equipped at predicting and spotting market trends. Older and young employees should work together for maximum strength!

Experiment, Experiment!

No new strategy should remain untested. To determine the worth of a new methodology, employees and managers must be prepared to experiment with several possible ideas to determine which one works best. Remain open to the possibilities!

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