Career Survival Skils For 2025 -

Career Survival Skills For 2025

The year is 2025, and you are heading out for a job interview.

You are nervous for good reason, and it is not because robots and intergalactic immigrants are queuing in front of the People Vision office, making competition even tougher.

No, it is all about the resume/CV you have with you, which has not been updated since 2019, and what is written under “Skills Section” is just one….step ahead – of making stone tools!

Lucky, this was just a nightmare, and you just woke up in time…

However, it does make you curious about the career survival skills every professional should carry, right.


Not long ago, writing computer code was seen by many as a geeky/dorky job only thick-glassed less social individuals would find gratifying (yes, we have always disliked this stereotype as well!). Taming the zeroes, the ones and seeing meaning in the odd succession of punctuation marks evolved into the biggest technological breakthrough of our time.

The current spearhead of progress consists of Code that goes further of what machines can do in our place.

Today it still does not matter, if you do not know how to code, but the future might look entirely different.

The demand for programming jobs is surging, and the trend of teaching, such skills early in the school curriculum shows no signs of slowing down. It might be premature to call, but we face a day when we will replace English with another lingua franca, one even our new friends made out of transistors could understand.

As daunting as it might look, the task of making everyone code-proficient is made easy by how programming languages are evolving, becoming simpler to learn, leaner, and more user-friendly. By 2025 everyone should be able to code 😉

Working Remotely

In the future, all employees will be able to get out of bed and reach their office location and workplace in a matter of seconds. And that is not because humanity would have mastered teleportation by then – no, the reason is even more surprising. The traditional office as it current is – will no longer be.

Employees from various locations around the world are already collaborating successfully, as technology allows us fast and efficient communication. It is only a matter of time until virtual environments would be able to emulate the physical workplace. [here at #NewToHR we cannot wait for that ;)]

The advantages are obvious. If you take commuting out of the picture, you gain hours that can serve a more meaningful purpose. Add the economy in 2025 with rent, fuel, and do not forget the advantage of being able to work dressed in your favorite bunny pajamas, without fearing the ridicule of your colleagues.

As we have written before –  working remotely is not only about milk and honey.

It also means that you would have to step in to compensate for not having your colleague’s breath tickling your neck each time you deviate from your task to check Facebook. Self-discipline – is a crucial skill all future employees will have to master.

Trust us, keeping focus is hard when your android cat (it is 2025, remember!) switches on her playful mode.

Continuous Learning and Adapting

If something is certain about 2025 – it is that information and technological expertise will reach breath-taking new heights. Who can say no to progress, right?

The current paradigm – earning a degree and settling inside a workplace routine until retirement kicks in – is truly in its last days. Change is inevitable and society is putting the pedal to the metal, racing towards a future of uncertainties and overnight changes.

Being able to survive and adapt – ranks higher on the skill and mindset list with each passing year. Sure, we also cherish the idea of engaging in continuous learning throughout one’s career, but that is nothing compared to the challenges of the future. Failing to keep up with the new conquests of technology might render you obsolete as a worker, before you get the chance to worry!

Formal education will have to be shortened or at least cut to the chase, and if there is no modernization of skillset over the next couple years institutions will likely lose the battle. And unless we do find a way to equip our mind with a USB port, the learners of the future will have to settle with very efficient methods of acquiring new skills.

Are you disappointed?

2025 is not about knowing how to use a flying car or how to engage in small talk over coffee with an intelligent computer. The skills your career will need are surprisingly well anchored into our present time. So, time for you to get to work and acquire them asap!

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