Having Long Term Career Goals. #NewToHR

Having Long-Term Career Goals

A good career is a long-lasting career. When you're there in every competition doing a good job you're a part of an elite, and that's the most important thing. -Blanka Vlasic

In today’s economic climate, having a job, any job, is an accomplishment in itself. But that should never be the end, working to make ends meet.

Long-term career goals must be set and worked towards. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people working now do not like the job they have and cannot picture themselves in the position. But, if you decide that you are not fulfilled in your current position, you can start to begin to make career preparations to move into a position where you will be happy for an extended amount of time.

Career preparation means thinking large-scale, while also being prepared for measured development.

First, clarify your job goals by identifying what you love and what you are good at.

From this, you can then build to prosper in your job. Ask yourself what components of regular work bring you the best satisfaction, and what special accomplishments you’re most proud. A lot of individuals discover that it’s hard to analyze themselves in this manner, so don’t be afraid to ask family and friends.

They can help remind you of jobs you have talked about with excitement.

Your career goals should center on locating a function with components that are likewise pleasing and interesting.

After you have identified what field you want to work in, identify transferable skills that can cause you to be more appealing to the companies or organizations you want the most. These skills should be broad, general skills that can be used in multiple environments. Classes can be taken to increase these skills or to get special certification.

Once you’ve acquired the needed skills, consider which organizations or businesses you want to know more about. Some individuals will start by viewing what they love within their present occupation and finding methods to make that a larger part of their livelihood. Others, however, might examine the businesses they feel passionate about and work out ways to incorporate those opportunities into their career.

This is the most important part:

Do not let setbacks – discourage you!

Think of your goal of a long-term career as a meandering journey, not something that goes from Point A to Point B. There might be setbacks or speed bumps, but these are just part of the process. Share your plans with the people around you, so when you do have obstacles, you have a support system.

Another way to garner encouragement and seek guidance is to look for a mentor. Having a mentor who works in your dream career will not only provide you the advice and support you need, but also a network of valuable connections.

Having a long-term career goal is not an old-fashioned concept. If you aim for a career that can keep you happy for your whole life, then you should begin tracing out your plans now. With a little preparation and a lot of hard work, you can find an occupation that will last you the entirety of your life.

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  • Jennifer
    08/10/2015 at 23:29

    It’s fantastic to set long-term goals. But, you have to consider it like you’re riding a bike up a mountain. Just like you have to have energy to make up the hill, you have to have momentum to drive your goals to the finish line. Don’t let anything get in your way.

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