Forget The X Factor. Bring Out The D Factor. #NewToHR

Forget the X-Factor. Bring out the D-Factor.

According to Canadian teacher and author Roger DeBlois, young people should be focusing more on the D-Factor than the X-Factor if they are to lead happy and successful lives; or more accurately, the D-Factors as there are ten of them to master.

DeBlois has so far published three of the ten books in the D-Factors series and each builds on the previous one to help the young people operations employee make sense of their career (and the careers of those young employees they interact with during their work).

D-Factor 1: Defining Success

DeBlois first asks his readers to define what it is they mean by success. Is it what they have or what they achieve? He encourages them to see how material gains such as cars do not in themselves bring happiness. Applying DeBlois’s approach to the HR employee, we can see that working for the paycheck alone is unlikely to bring long term happiness, particularly when they hit bumps in the road.

However, if they can find a deeper motivation – perhaps the desire to promote fairness – they stand a better chance of being fulfilled. Those HR emloyees engaged in recruitment can use a similar line of thought to bring in motivated young people into the team.

D-Factor 2: Unearthing Diamonds

Talent-hunting is all about unearthing diamonds and, according to DeBlois, we all have those gems within us if we take the time to prospect for them. Since we are all unique, the talents we bring to the workplace will be different but equally valuable. Once we have discovered our own special gifts we will be in more of a position to recognise the talent in others and help them to bring it forth.

D-Factor 3: Harnessing Dreams

DeBlois’s third D-Factor is all about dreams.

He encourages us to go back to those dreams we had as children and find out what has happened to them. DeBlois explains that our big dreams point the way to realistic goals which lead to happiness. By reconnecting with those childhood fantasies we can harness their power to lead us closer to the life we always wanted. By asking about the dreams of other employees in the company, we can work together to make work more meaningful for all involved.

The Journey Continues…

DeBlois has another seven books yet to write covering the remaining D-Factors, but he has released the titles to give us some idea of the other attributes we might need to cultivate and encourage in others. These are:

· D-Factor 4: Being decisive
· D-Factor 5: Designing our own lives
· D-Factor 6: Moving forward in our chosen direction
· D-Factor 7: Being disciplined
· D-Factor 8: Avoiding distractions
· D-Factor 9: Dedicating ourselves to the path
· D-Factor 10: Discovering more about life and our place in it

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