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5 Types Of Truck Driving Jobs

Did you know that 24% of Americans say that the best way to boost your income is to switch jobs? If you wish to better your financial status but are having a hard time doing it in your current career, consider moving to a truck driving job. 

There are many types of truck driving jobs on the market. Read on to find out about some of them.

1. Refrigerated Hauler

Lots of refrigerated items, like frozen foods, and others, have to be transported long distances across America. Truck drivers who drive these refrigerated haulers are always in demand, as the driver needs to maintain certain time and distance requirements for perishable items.

You will need to learn how to set and check the temperature of the refrigerated units. If you are good under pressure, then this is the truck driving job for you.

2. Tanker Hauler

Gasoline needs to be transported from refineries over to gas stations all over, and tanker truck drivers are the ones to do it. Not only gasoline but other hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals have to be transported all over the country as well.

Tanker hauler is a high-paying job since it can be quite dangerous to transport these liquid chemicals on the roads. 

3. Hot Shot Hauler

These types of truck drivers will drive a class 3 or 5 truck paired with a trailer, and deliver several loads a day. Truck driving jobs like these can be regional or national and require you to have a lot of stamina. 

4. Flat Bed Hauler

This is another common sight on the construction-riddled roads of America. Open-air trailers are used to transport machinery and other dry goods since these items are awkwardly shaped and won’t fit into a regular trailer. It can also take longer and be riskier to transport these items, so the pay is usually very good for these jobs. 

5. Auto Hauler

Those dozen or more pristine cars look beautiful on that auto hauler, but they are extremely heavy. And that’s why this truck driving job requires greater skill than others and will pay much better as well.

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Capitalize on These Truck Driving Jobs

If you currently feel like your job is going nowhere and paying not nearly enough, then it’s time for you to check out some truck driving jobs. They pay great, they allow you to see more of this beautiful country you live in, and allow you to have many different options. 

A lot of companies will even give you training to ensure that you feel comfortable driving these massive trucks on the road. So there’s nothing to fear there. 

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