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8 Soft Skills You Need To Become An Electrician

Did you know that electricians in the United States make an average of more than $26 an hour? 

This is a wonderful salary for someone without a college education and a willingness to learn. 

If you are interested in an electrician apprenticeship, there are some simple skills you need to develop. 

Continue reading to discover what it takes to become an electrician, aside from all of the education and hours! 

Physical Fitness

One of the most useful soft skills you need to become an electrician is physical fitness. 

Electricians often work long hours, having to climb ladders and move wires. To keep up with the job, you should have toned muscles, otherwise, you will get them shortly after starting the job. Being physically fit can help you work efficiently and handle all types of weather conditions. 

Don’t be surprised if you find out that you have to go down into trenches or attics. This job will take you to some of the most unexpected places and you need to be able to navigate them. 

Communication Skills

The perfect electrician isn’t afraid to use his voice on the job.

Communication skills are a must if you want to go into electrical work, however, you need to watch what you say. Overwhelming coworkers and yourself with too much talk can lead to confusion.

Make sure that when you speak with your team, the inspectors, or clients you are concise. Not only will you need to talk with meaning, but you also need to listen for specific details regarding the job. 

As you bond with your team and gain confidence, communicating will come with ease. During an electrician apprenticeship, try to absorb as much info as possible through active listening. 


If you want to take on electrician tasks, you need to have a determined mind.

Problem-solving is a soft skill that electricians need daily. Jobs don’t always go according to plan and electricians need to think quickly and find solutions. If you enjoy solving problems, this could be a fulfilling career. 

Another reason you might need to problem-solve on the job is if you are dealing with old or faulty wiring. Even if you don’t have all of the knowledge as a beginner, you can work with your team and foreman to see their thought process. 

Math Knowledge 

An electrician apprenticeship will expose you to all of the math skills you need.

Math knowledge is an uncommon soft skill that people overlook when pursuing this career. Electricians use formulas and math all day to ensure their safety and the accuracy of installment. Without math, wires wouldn’t be the correct length or match up to transfer energy. 

Thinking technically is a must for solving these math equations and you need to ensure that all details get accounted for. 

Willingness to Learn

Without the willingness to learn, you might struggle as an electrician.

There is a lot to learn about in this career since you need to pass construction and safety inspections. Understanding the materials and tools that you work with is necessary to prevent injuries. When people close their minds, they tend to work harder and put others at risk. 

Go into this career with an open mind and try to absorb as much info as you can. The more that you understand, the easier that the job will come to you. Take studying and courses seriously during your apprenticeship. 


If you aren’t self-motivated, this is not the job for you.

You need to be motivated to get the job done since they can be challenging and tasks can feel like a puzzle at times. Self-motivation should involve organizing and planning for your work, which will help you find success.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your foreman about taking control of your work prioritization. You can also show that you are a self-starter by asking questions and learning about new skills. 


Wires, directions, and guidelines all need to get considered when working a job.

If you aren’t organized, you could endanger the people around you or result in a faulty job. You can build your organization skills in life with lists, writing, and keeping items tidy. 

Organization skills are universal and once you get in the mindset, they will come more naturally on the job. When you first start, it’s helpful to see how your coworkers and foreman organize their work. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t for you. 


Although much of your time will be spent focusing on the task at hand, you need to be team-oriented. 

Working with a team is a part of the job as an electrician. You can’t get things done on your own, so you must understand the importance of each person. Talk to your coworkers to gain more knowledge and build connections.

The easier it is for you and your team to communicate and trust each other, the more efficient you’ll become. You also want to grow close with your coworkers since the workdays can be long and you spend most of the time together. 

Do You Want to Become an Electrician? 

Learning what it takes to become an electrician can help you decide your fate.

Many people are leaving college and joining electrical companies because of the demand and pay. Although this job may seem simple without needing a degree, it takes a lot of organization and self-motivation. Math and problem-solving skills weed out a lot of people, and only those committed make the real money. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to pursue a dream. 

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