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5 Undeniable Benefits Of A Marketing Brochure In 2019

With over 30 million small businesses dotting the country, you must fight an uphill battle to get noticed. This may help explain why businesses constantly look for new digital communication channels. Yet, this focused attention on digital marketing opportunities may unintentionally make you overlook a simple, traditional marketing approach: the marketing brochure.

The marketing brochure doesn’t have the same on-the-spot appeal as a new social media site, but it does offer some undeniable benefits. Keep reading and we’ll cover 5 of those benefits.

1. Versatility

Marketing brochures lend themselves to a wide variety of approaches. Your basic tri-fold brochure proves ideal not only for trade shows stands but also in-store displays. You can even leave them on doors in targeted neighborhoods. You can also mail brochures if you use a targeted list of warm leads. Using brochures doesn’t mean abandoning the digital age, either. You can post a digital copy of the brochure on your website.

2. Communicates a Lot of Information

A well-designed brochure can communicate lots of info about your product or service. You can devote an entire fold just to product specifications or services offered. You can use another fold for listing benefits. That still leaves you multiple folds for contact information, images, and branding statements.

3. Cost-Effective

Unlike many marketing approaches, you can right-size a brochure order to meet your needs. That makes it very cost-effective. You can also take advantage of bulk order discounts to reduce per-unit costs. This approach works best when your brochure focuses on the business, a core service, or you need them for a high-traffic event. Worried about designing the brochure?

Modern print shops often offer design services or you can DIY your brochure with a template.

4. Makes You Look More Professional

It’s true that everyone expects you to maintain a business website. Yet, printed materials go a long way toward making you look more professional. Like it or not, modern digital tools make it very easy for almost anyone to construct a professional-looking website. Printed materials require planning and suggest your business isn’t a fly-by-night operation. 

5. Creates a More Solid Impression

People remember better when they handle a physical object. It creates a sensory impression that helps solidify a memory. It’s one reason why so many businesses still use direct mail marketing. Handling a physical brochure makes your business more memorable for potential customers. When deciding what company they want for a service or product, that memorability helps put your company top of mind.

A marketing brochure may feel old-school, but it offers a number of benefits. It’s cost-effective, for one, since you can right-size your order for your needs.

You can communicate a lot of information in a compact space. It works in multiple situations ranging from events to mailers.

Brochures also make your business look and feel more established and professional. As an added bonus, physical marketing materials solidify your company in someone’s memory. 

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