5 Ways Videos Can Benefit Your Business

There are several ways that you can market your business, and this makes it difficult to determine the best marketing strategy. To make your business more successful, you should know the latest trends and the most effective marketing strategies for your business. Video marketing is among the most reliable marketing strategies. It is suitable for both large and small businesses.

Below are five ways videos can benefit your business:

Boost Sales

Having a video on a landing page can increase your sales. How? Studies have revealed that over 74% of people who visit your website and watch your product explainer video will end up making a purchase. According to, the video should be exciting, short, and easy to understand. Since visual is the most potent sense, moving pictures will increase your profits.

Reach All Buyers Including the Lazy Ones

A video is easy to consume, and anyone can get its message regardless of how busy they are. Prospects do not have to spend time reading product descriptions; they can watch or just listen as they go about their daily activities.

Modern customers own smartphones, making it an easy way for them to see the product or service in action. In fact, according to recent research, most videos are watched via mobile gadgets. These gadgets are able to capture a big audience, and even the laziest person won’t have to make much effort. 

Increases Google Ranking

Videos take a few seconds or minutes to watch. When you create engaging videos, you will automatically increase the time users spend on your site. This signals Google and other search engines that your website has quality content. Additionally, videos are likely to appear on the first page of the search.

“Your chances of ranking high with Google increase with over 65% if your site has videos.” Says Torrey Tayenaka CEO of Sparkhouse.  

Videos Enhance Trust

Converting leads can only be possible if there is trust. Your marketing concept should aim at creating relationships based on trust to give you long term sales. Avoid selling without providing any useful or interesting information. Videos engage first and ignite emotions that people will find helpful. This will influence them to buy from you. 

The reason why most people conduct online searches is to verify that a product or service is genuine. A video can be used to show products or services in a conversational way.

57% of online buyers admit that videos increased their trust and gave them the confidence to buy from online vendors.

Explain Everything in Detail

Nothing will give detailed information about your services or products better than a video. 98% of online users admit that watching an explainer video gave them a lot of information, and it influenced their decision on what to buy. Videos bring concepts into life in a way that images and texts cannot. Buyers get to understand a product in an entertaining way, and this increases sales.


Video marketing is not only practical but also affordable. With the growth of technology, the majority of your target audience will definitely watch your videos. All you need is creativity, and you can beat your competitors. By using technology to streamline your business, you will increase sales and improve your bottom line. 

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