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7 Signs Your Employer Doesn’t Care About Your Health

There’s no denying that most people’s employers adhere to safety laws and guidelines and ensure that all staff members are as safe as possible while they work. Unfortunately, some bosses have no respect for the law or even for the health and wellbeing of their staff.

You’re probably reading this blog post today because you think your employer falls under the latter category, plus you believe they are actively putting your health at risk. However, you aren’t 100% sure you’ve got a case for complaint or find a job elsewhere.

The following are some surefire signs that your employer doesn’t care about your wellbeing or that of your colleagues:

1. Workplace Injuries Are Commonplace

Arguably one of the top reasons your employer has no regard for anyone’s health and safety at work is when workplace injuries become commonplace. Each month, several employees will report injuries sustained during the work, yet the level of reports never subsides.

In fact, you may also have noticed that more than one person may have approached a personal injury law firm for help, especially if they have to take lots of time off work to recover from their injuries. It can seem that your employer doesn’t really care about its staff.

2. Safety Improvement Suggestions Get Ignored

Aside from your workplace’s health and safety issues, you do actually enjoy your job, and you get on quite well with your colleagues. It’s for that reason you feel you want to help your employer to improve workplace safety.

The trouble is, your boss doesn’t seem very interested (if at all) in your suggestions, and people still keep getting injured. That alone is a surefire sign your boss doesn’t care and is unlikely to make any improvements.

3. Your Workplace Makes Your Health Worse

Do you find that pre-existing medical conditions get exacerbated, but only when you go to work? Some people with respiratory conditions like asthma find they feel unwell and struggle to work well due to problems like poor ventilation or inadequate dust filtration.

Such problems might be unavoidable, such as working down in mines. However, it’s an issue that can get addressed for most workplaces – especially in commercial premises like offices.

If your employer is aware of these issues but has done little to nothing to address them, it can be time to quit your job and work elsewhere. After all: your health is more important than anything else as without it, you won’t be able to earn a living.

4. Your Boss Offers No Support and Guidance

When you feel ill after conducting some aspects of your daily work, do you find that your boss doesn’t offer any support or guidance to overcome those issues? For example, does your employer not provide the right PPE (personal protective equipment)?

If so, it’s a telltale sign that your employer doesn’t care about you or your colleagues and is instead only interested in turning a profit. Ironically, profits won’t be high if staff keep getting ill or don’t perform at their best due to a lack of workplace health support and guidance.

5. Your Boss Doesn’t Believe Staff if They Get Ill

Have you ever noticed that your employer has a meltdown whenever someone calls in sick? Plus, do they give those individuals hell when they eventually return back to work? If so, it’s another sign your boss doesn’t care about the health of their workforce.

It’s not uncommon for people to get ill. After all: no one is immune from viruses, illnesses, and developing medical conditions. A supportive employer should be understanding of people who get ill and those with “hidden” disabilities.

6. There’s No Focus on Well-Being

Is it just all about achieving targets and deadlines with your boss? Is there no room for focusing on employee well-being? If the answer to both questions is yes, it’s time to look for another job and resign from your current position.

Responsible employers should make every effort to improve each employee’s wellbeing at the workplace. They should make reasonable adjustments to lower the risk of staff getting ill or seldom producing their best work.

7. You Never Get Any Help

Finally, it’s no secret that workers can get ill due to exhaustion and stress if their bosses keep giving staff untenable workloads. If you’ve got too much work to do, your boss should recognize that fact and offer you some help and not just ignore that you’re struggling.

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