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Considerations To Make For Employees General Safety At Work

Being involved in an accident at work that wasn’t the fault of the employee can be difficult, especially if they don’t know where to get the right help. All workplaces should offer employees help, safety, and support for accidents. Thus, ensuring that your staff have overall general safety at work, there will be a reduced risk of them being involved in an accident. If you are unsure whether your company is considering the right tactics to ensure employee safety, here are some tips. 

Get the legal help

Getting help from personal injury experts will help the employees get the support that they need to get medical help and compensation. They will need to file a claim with them to ensure that their and witness statements are taken into account. 

Legal advice will ensure that they have an expert representative in the case that they need to take the claim to court. They will help you get the best possible outcome and assist your employee with your claim from start to end. 

Ensure that the incident is reported

As soon as the incident happens, it needs to be reported. If the person involved in the incident is not fit to, make sure somebody does. They can give your statement at a later date when they are fit and ready to. 

Reporting the incident straight away means that they can give your clearest statement. They won’t forget any small details that could be crucial to help their case. 

When the case is reported, always ensure to take the necessary safety inspections to prevent it from happening again. 

Never blame them

After an incident has occurred, it can be common to blame it on yourself. They might feel embarrassed and feel that they have been clumsy. However, that may not have been the case at all. 

The moment that you blame the incident on someone, it will cause havoc. Witnesses should help to hear it and report it. Without statements and witnesses, your company might find it difficult to put the blame on the real issue. 

Always remember to not put the blame on anyone until you gather more evidence and have a strong case. You could incur all sorts of issues as a company with your incident claim if you start pointing fingers at people. 

Ask for witness statements

Alongside the personal statement, witness statements will strengthen the claim. Whoever saw the incident happen should write down what they saw in the incident report book at work. 

A witness statement will offer a non-biased view and ensure that more than one story can be taken into account. If the incident wasn’t someone’s fault, the witness will have seen that and been able to report it. 

CCTV footage

If there is CCTV footage of the incident, it will help the case even more. With the personal statement, witness statements, and camera footage, there will be clear evidence of what happened during the incident. 

If you don’t offer CCTV footage to the person involved, then they may need to seek further help from personal injury experts. 

Seek medical attention

When someone has been in an incident, minor or major, they may need medical attention. Immediate assistance will be needed if the injury is severe. 

Regardless, they should always seek medical attention if they don’t feel hurt. They might be left suffering from long-term back problems, which will need to be seen in order to prevent them from leading to walking issues.

Get a medical record of the injuries

When they have got medical attention and are on the road to recovery, it will help them to get a medical record. They may require time off of work or ongoing medical support. With medical records, they can present these to the workplace and get the help that they need. 

They should also be able to claim back any money lost as a result of the incident from your workplace. For instance, they may require time off and need sick pay. Or, they might need to attend regular hospital visits to monitor their condition. The money they pay for transport and medication can be claimed back if the incident was a fault of the workplace.

Encourage them to speak to friends and family

Workplace injuries can cause mental pain as much as they can physical pain. They might be suffering from all kinds of emotions after an incident, especially if it has left them with injuries. 

When they are recovering, they should surround themselves with all of the love and support that they can find. Whether they like to be surrounded by friends or by family, ensure to encourage them to surround themselves with those that will make them feel better.

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