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8 Qualities HR Managers Look For In An Applicant

Even if the job you’ve applied requires different qualifications, most HR managers tend to look for common qualities in applicants during the interview stage. If you want to get hired, you have to show these traits to them or else you’ll not make it to the finish line. 

Remember, hiring a candidate is more than just considering the skills, as well as credentials revealed on a resume. It should be a combination of proper skills, impressive qualifications, and more importantly, a good personality

Get to know the eight qualities HR Managers are looking for in an applicant. 

1. Trustworthy

This is one of the essential qualities an HR manager should look for in an applicant. A dependable employee is someone who demonstrates honesty, integrity, and reliability. They will more likely stick around with the company for a long time. 

For instance, an organization needs trustworthy employees who can meet deadlines or even keep their mouth shut when it comes to confidential information. If you’re looking for people who can be an asset to the company, consider being trustworthy as one of the vital characteristics to spot a suitable applicant. 

2. Productive

They will choose an applicant who knows how to take care of the business, keep track of what they’re doing and can make sure that all tasks are accomplished efficiently. A productive employee is someone who is hardworking, organized, and works on their own without being told to do so. 

They want the company to be successful, so they’ll recruit applicants who demonstrate diligence and productivity in all their dealings and will ask the help to local market places – like GumTree to look for the right people. 

3. Ability to work in a team 

This is an essential characteristic for someone who’s looking for a job. An employee with the ability to work in an organization is someone who can carry out their tasks and responsibilities with the help of other people in the group. 

A candidate, for instance, should know how to be a team player who can deliver the best output through collaborative efforts, while considering the individual role of each member. 

4. Multi-tasking skills

In today’s generation, companies want to recruit employees who can do multitasking without compromising the quality of their work. Not only that, most HR managers prefer candidates who have the ability to manage several tasks at the same time. 

That’s because balancing all the duties and responsibilities at one time very well can be a sign of productivity, which allows the organization to save more money for its workforce. If the company might resort to cost-cutting, it’s a good idea to hire candidates who can be a multi-tasker. 

5. Professionalism

Any business wants to hire graduates from reputable universities and colleges, like Australis College ,that help students finish their studies with knowledge, skills, and confidence, making them better professionals in the future. After all, a workplace is an environment that requires employees to be professional when it comes to their job. 

Thus, a professional employee is someone who works well with the team and sets their personal issues aside to have a conducive and peaceful work environment. Moreover, demonstrating professionalism means the candidate has a combination of good attitude, personality traits, and skills. 

You can highlight your professionalism immediately by making a superb first impression via your resume. Proper spelling and grammar are the minimum requirements, and it’s important to find the right balance of information without saying too much because recruiters won’t want to read pages of text. 

You can find the best resume writing services online to help you perfect your resume and make it informative yet concise. Services can also help you with the layout and structure to make sure everything flows better and the resume is attractive to view.

6. Ambitious

Companies are searching for candidates who are self-driven and motivated to be successful in their career. After all, an ambitious employee can be an asset for any organization, because they tend to work hard and exceed their own standards of excellence at work. They want a dedicated employee in their organization, therefore they’ll look for candidates who are ambitious in nature. 

7. Positive attitude

Most HR managers look for out applicants who have a positive attitude. A positive person is someone who can accept failure, learn from their mistakes, and handle competition with confidence

Having someone with a positive attitude can be a good cultural fit in the organization, because they tend to project optimism in all aspect of their work and manage tasks with solutions. 

8. Patient or ability to endure

Another essential quality that they’re looking for is the candidate’s ability to handle unpleasant situations. Since frequent turnover can be costly for the company, HR wants to recruit a person who can commit and stick long with the organization despite the unpleasantness of the situation. 

This is a win-win situation for the company and the candidate, because the former can save more money from turnovers, while the latter will have a chance to enhance their careers in the long run. 


Obviously, an applicant needs to comply with all the requirements of a particular job. However, by keeping these top qualities that a candidate should possess, you’ll not only land into your dream job but you’ll also help HR managers to avoid mistakes when hiring, which can result in having the wrong person in their organization. So, take a closer look at these qualities and demonstrate them to your interviews to increase your chances of getting hired. 

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