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Are You Just Going To Work? The Things You Won’t Expect To Happen But Could

It might just start out like any other day. You head off to work, you go through the motions, you do what is required of you and you come home. Job done! Working forms a part of a lot of people’s lives. We need the wages to pay our bills and to enjoy the little luxuries in life. However, work can be a place where things happen you don’t expect or indeed do not like. It can often be that you are put in a situation where you are harmed, where you do things you shouldn’t need to do, and sometimes even be taken advantage of.

It is important for you to have your wits about you in the workplace, while still ensuring you keep up with your end of the bargain and do what is required of you. With that in mind, here are some of the things that can happen or that could go wrong for you in the workplace and hopefully highlight a few ways you can overcome them.

Being given more responsibility without compensation for it

Many of us will have been in this situation before. You are at work, and your boss or line manager asks you to do some extra work. Perhaps take on an extra account, do more reports than you would normally do. Sometimes these situations are one offs, and as an employee you want to show willing and initiative in the workplace. But if you find your workload has increased beyond your job description, then you should be compensated for it in some way. If you are in this situation talk to your line manager. Explain you are happy to take on added extra responsibility or go for that promotion.

Missing out on a promotion

On the subject of promotions, this can be a testing area for many employees. For some people, they are ambitious and want to climb the corporate ladder. Doing all that they can to get where they want to be. So if you think you are the prime candidate, have displayed all of the attributes for a promotion and have show willing, to miss out on it can be demoralising. If you are in this situation talk to your boss and ask for some feedback. It could be that you are not quite ready, or need more experience in a certain area before being able to make that next step. Knowing this information an give you the tools you need to work on it and move up.

Being involved in an accident at work

Accidents happen, but being involved in an accident at work through negligence is something quite different. When you are working, you expect that your welfare is taken into consideration, so a lack of health and safety, or an area being overlooked, that causes you to be involved in an accident such as slipping or falling could result in a hefty claim by yourself. Don’t feel guilty about doing this, companies have insurances in place for this precise eventuality.

Accidents while travelling with work

On the subject of accidents, often these accidents can happen outside of the workplace but during work time. You might be driving somewhere, as a requirement of your job to be out on the road and an accident happens. Or maybe you are flying somewhere, and the plane crashes. It may be a safe from of travel, but these things do happen and this is when specialist aviation lawyers could help you out. Same with road accidents, insurers and attorneys dedicated to this field could help you get through it.

Being unfairly dismissed

No one wants to lose their jobs, but these things can happen, and so it is important for you to be aware of it. Being unfairly dismissed means losing your job without out due cause or any proper reason given. You would need to be sure this was the case, but if it was, you will have the grounds to take it further and appeal the decision. It is not a nice thing to have to go through, but it is something that happens all of the time, so being aware of it and knowing the proper course of action will help protect you in the future.

Not being paid the same as others in the same job

Finally the issue of pay is still prominent today. There are people out there doing the same job as someone else but gets paid less or more to do it. If you think this is the case then you will need to address it with your employer as soon as possible. Making a complaint directly is one way to do it, and having evidence to support it.

Let’s hope highlighting some of these things will make you more aware in the future 🙂

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