8 Skills Every Manager Needs To Master To Become An Effective Leader by

8 Skills Every Manager Needs To Master To Become An Effective Leader

Whether you’ve recently been assigned the role of a manager, or you’re hoping to climb the ranks and lead a team, having the right skills and expertise behind you is crucial. Knowing how to work well under pressure, and being able to communicate effectively with your team are just two of the key traits you will need. To be the best manager you can be, here is a quick guide on the top skills you need to have.


To be an effective manager, you need to lead by example. With customers and clients relying on your services, you need to not only be able to talk the talk but walk the walk too. Having strong moral principles and being honest with your employees and those who buy into your brand is crucial as a manager.

Team Building

For projects and tasks to be completed successfully and on time, managers need to understand the importance of teamwork. Picking the right people for the job is important, and you need to not let personal feelings get in the way. A good manager needs to make sure everyone gets on board, as having a team who can work well together will help to grow your business.


If a manager doesn’t have the passion and drive for the business that they work for, it’s likely that their team won’t follow suit. Managers need to retain a positive mindset and provide encouragement to their workforce. Being on board with the direction of the company is key, and to become an effective leader, you will need to support all the business’s directions and decisions.


To get the most out of your team, you will need to know how to clearly communicate with your employees, helping to keep your workforce on the right track.

An effective manager needs to make sure that every member of the team knows what their roles and responsibilities are, as well as explaining what is expected of them. Keeping employees engaged is crucial, so outlining what needs to be done will help ensure your team are working to the best of their ability.


Employees want to feel valued and respected in a company, so as a manager, you need to be on hand to listen to their thoughts and opinions. Instead of hearing what you want to hear, you need to learn how to handle constructive criticism. If a member of the team isn’t happy at work, listening to their point of view can help build relationships with employees. Holding one on one meetings can be a great way to break the ice, get to know your team, and nip any problems in the bud before they get worse.

Emotional Intelligence

Another key skill that can’t be ignored these days is emotional intelligence. Having the ability to understand that things don’t and won’t always go according to plan is important.

  • An effective manager will know how to take the rough with the smooth. What’s more, a manager will hold themselves accountable for any mistakes and know how to overcome challenges and obstacles.
  • An effective team leader also needs to learn how to manage their stress levels. The last thing a manager should do is take out their frustration on an employee.


Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team can help when it comes to delegating tasks.

No matter the size of the project, you will want to make sure that you have assigned the role to the right person, so putting your trust in him or her to complete the task efficiently is important.


In the business world, managers need to understand that problems will arise from time to time. One of the main responsibilities you will have is to make tough and quick decisions to help benefit the company overall.

If you can’t make decisions, there are tons of opportunities that you may miss out on, so having the confidence to stand your ground and know how to work well under pressure is key.

Gaining New Skills

If you feel that you need to refresh your management skills, you may be interested in enrolling on a management training course. There are management training courses provided by The BCF Group which you may want to consider.

Learning more about management training can help when it comes to improving your leadership skills.

There are lots of other skills that you can learn from going on a management course, such as understanding time management, recruitment & selection, as well as project management.

Knowing how to communicate effectively, delegating the right tasks to the right people, working well within a team, as well as being on hand to listen to other people’s points of view are just a few of the key skills needed to become an effective leader.

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