Is Your Employer Putting Your Health At Risk by

Is Your Employer Putting Your Health At Risk?

Unfortunately, not all employers will care for you as they should.

In the right hands, you will have a boss who cares for your physical and mental wellbeing. And in the wrong hands? Well, the opposite is true.

So, what about you?

  • Does your employer pay regular attention to your health needs? Or is he or she negligent in their duties?

In this article, we will look at some of the ways in which your employer might be putting your health at risk.

If you relate to the following, then you should either book a meeting with them immediately, or if need be, consider a move to employment elsewhere.

#1: Your employer expects you to do overtime regularly

The occasional overtime can be expected, of course. Especially towards the end of the month when targets need to be met, your boss might ask you to work a little later than normal. But on a regular basis?

You will soon start to feel exhausted, and in the long-term, that could lead to the mental and physical effects of burnout

So, if this is you, speak to your boss at your earliest opportunity. By making your employer aware of the health issues that overtime can cause, he or she might take steps to make your life easier.

  • If not, then you are in your right to take your boss to an employment tribunal if you are suffering, so seek legal help as soon as possible.

#2: Your employer doesn’t take the necessary safety precautions

Particularly when working in a high-risk environment, your employer needs to follow health and safety guidelines. We are thinking of jobs within construction and chemical production, for example, where there is the added risk of asbestos and other types of poisoning. Without the right safety gear, you could be at risk of long-term damage, including the risk of cancer and other potentially fatal diseases.

However, even low-risk jobs require some semblance of health protection, such as factory positions where heavy lifting is required, or office jobs where a sedentary working style can cause long-term muscular damage.

So, is your boss taking the necessary safety precautions? 

As we suggested in our last point, if your health is already suffering as a result of your employer’s negligence, you should seek legal help.

So, (while we hope this isn’t the case for you), you might talk to an experienced mesothelioma attorney today if you have suffered from asbestos poisoning, or you might speak to a personal injury lawyer should you have suffered the effects of a heavy lifting or a sedentary role. You deserve the compensation, and while it won’t take away your illness, it might provide some comfort to you and your family.

If you aren’t yet feeling unwell, but you suspect that your employer has been negligent as far as health and safety is concerned, then you do need to speak to them.

Hopefully, they will take heed and take the necessary precautions to protect you. But if not, you should then take the matter above their head when possible, or leave their employ to find another employer with greater care for your wellbeing.

So, is your employer putting your health at risk?

  • If so, follow our suggestions as, despite your need to work, you must always put your health at the top of your list of priorities.

Let us know your thoughts.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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