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8 Things You Need To Promote Your Business At Corporate Events

Attending and featuring your company at corporate events such as conventions, conferences, and symposiums is an excellent way to promote your business and increase your revenue. While these events often require you to pay a fee to have a booth or vendor display, the investment can be worth it. Even if you’re showcasing your products at a neighborhood farmers’ market, your participation as a vendor can bring notable increases to your revenue stream.

If you have never participated in corporate events as a vendor, you might be unsure about what you should bring to showcase your business.

Even if you have attended many business events as a paying vendor, you might gain new insights from our corporate event checklist below.

Materials Checklist for Corporate Events

Here’s what you should bring to corporate events to highlight your business and bring attendees to your booth:

  • Signage – Bring a sign with your company name and branding.
  • Business Cards – You should have plenty of business cards to hand out to event attendees so that they can contact you after the event. Business cards are often used as the raffle tickets for vendor giveaways, which you’ll probably want to enter.
  • Flyers or Postcards – Consider offering a special discount or promotion for event attendees. This may increase their motivation to contact you after the event and purchase a product or service. From there, it’s up to you to continue to earn their customer loyalty and return business. 
  • Eye-Catching Features – Banner stands, flags, and other eye-catching displays can bring more foot traffic to your booth. Whether the event will take place indoors or outside, pop up tents can be an excellent way to draw attention. 
  • Samples & Information – If your company makes products, consider bringing free samples to let event attendees try or even take with them. Corporate products may include expensive systems or high-tech products that you cannot really give away for free. You can still have an interactive display or even a video that you show from your booth that showcases how the product functions. 
  • Branded Freebies – Bring pens, stress balls, sports equipment, or other items to give to event attendees. These items should be printed with your company’s branding so that when they get home, they remember to contact your business if they have a need that you can fill. 
  • Contact Gathering Method – Even if it’s just a sheet of paper, you should always have a method for acquiring event attendees’ contact information. You can then add that information to your mailing list, email marketing contacts, or even your sales funnel. The more high-tech methods of gathering contacts at corporate events include tablets or kiosks where attendees can type in their contact information digitally. 
  • Staff – For most events, there are too many attendees for you to manage the booth alone. Even if you’re participating in a smaller event, you will probably still want to take breaks for meals or visits to the restroom, and you could miss out on valuable contacts if you leave your booth unattended. Worse yet, an unattended booth may be targeted for theft. Consider bringing at least one trusted member of your team to help you run your event booth. This person should know your company so that they can talk to attendees and help you spread the word about your business. 

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