8 Ways To Make Your Business Look Good From The Curb by

8 Ways To Make Your Business Look Good From The Curb

How your business looks from the outside can make a big business. If your commercial premises have curb appeal, then potential customers passing by are more likely to be tempted in. When customers or clients arrive, a smart exterior makes a good impression before they even get inside. 

  1. Clean the sidewalk. Commercial pressure washing can be used to clean the sidewalk, your car park, or any area outside the premises. If things are clean, your business will look much smarter and more professional. 
  2. Add some greenery. Plants are a great way to add color and interest to the front of your business. Plant some pots and put them outside by your front door. Not only does this look cheerful, but it also helps your store to look like someone is caring for it. 
  3. Refresh your signage. If your signs are faded and or in need of repair, it suggests that the business isn’t well-cared for and gives a bad impression. Replace any signage in need of repair, and repaint anything that is faded and looking in need of a refresh. Show off your branding as though you’re proud of it. 
  4. Sweep outside every day. The outside of your business can become untidy quickly, with litter, dead leaves, and cigarette ends. Have someone sweep out front every day to clear away this debris so the business front looks cared for, tidy, and ready to welcome clients and customers. 
  5. Change your window displays. If you have a storefront with a window, make the most of your window displays. Show off different ranges of your products, and change the displays regularly. If you change them, it gives people who pass the store a lot something new to look at and might mean they notice something in the window that tempts them into the store to buy.
  6. Make it clear what your business does. Any passerby should be able to tell at a glance what your business does. Make sure that your signage makes this very clear, so your business doesn’t give a confusing impression. 
  7. Make sure your parking is well lit and clearly signed. If your customers can park at your business, clearly sign where this parking is so people can find it without getting frustrated. Make sure any time limits or other parking restrictions are also very clear. Customers will be put off if they can’t work out where they can park and then end up with a parking ticket because they parked in the wrong place. Make your parking safe by making it well-lit. If people visit your business when it’s dark, they’ll appreciate the lights to help them navigate and feel safe. It’s also good for your staff when they leave at the end of the day. 
  8. Keep up with maintenance. It can be easy to forget about keeping up with maintenance but pay attention to small details. Broken guttering and missing door handles make a bad impression and make your business look bad. Keep things in good repair. 

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