From Cut Off To Connected The Growing Importance Of Tech For Businesses by

From Cut Off To Connected: The Growing Importance Of Tech For Businesses

We are living in strange times, with millions of people currently locked down. The Coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a major shift towards remote working, but could an unprecedented health emergency highlight a silver lining?

Thanks to technology, we may well be more connected than ever before, despite the fact that we are physically further apart. If your business is not already embracing the wonders of modern tech, is it time to make changes?


One of the most important lessons we can take away from the current crisis is the value of communication.

A matter of weeks ago, most businesses were up and running as usual, but a bolt from the blue put pay to normal working methods. Suddenly, employees were staying at home in their droves, and remote working became the norm.

Home working has become more popular in recent years, but not all companies were prepared for the challenges lying in wait.

Technology plays a crucial role in maintaining and facilitating communication while face-to-face meetings are off the agenda.

Now, if you have the right tech, you can send messages, host video conferences or chat with clients from the comfort of your spare room.

Investing in the right devices and systems can actually save you time and money, and it’s well worth considering how your business could benefit moving forward. You might find that you utilize some of the practices you developed during lockdown after restrictions have been lifted. 

Connecting remote workers and communities

We tend to think of cities and bustling towns with industrial parks and office blocks as the heartbeat of business, but with technology advancing all the time, it’s possible to unleash the potential of almost any location.

Remote communities do not have to be cut off, and you don’t have to live in a city to secure a great job. Technology is strengthening industries, which are able to thrive in remote spots, and providing employees with more options.

In years gone by, mining towns were cut off, but with innovative developments, off-the-map locations are no longer unreachable. In addition to advanced communications technology, businesses and communities can also benefit from reliable power supplies.

KPS Power Africa are independent power producers and can be used as an example to show how isolated sites can be developed.

With access to technology, there are endless options, and companies and individuals have the potential to flourish. 

Embracing flexible working arrangements

More and more employees are looking for a job that provides a healthy work-life balance. Today, the blueprint for the typical working day is open to interpretation.

Technology has enabled us to work remotely and to work from home more often, and this is a trend that suits the majority of employees.

Commuting and traveling to meetings takes up time, and often, spending more time at home and working on the go increase productivity and efficiency. 

Lockdown might not provide optimal conditions for all businesses, but there are valuable lessons to learn.

Today, technology gives us the freedom and flexibility to embrace new ways of working, to connect even when we’re not physically close and to stay in touch with minimal effort. 

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