Are You Expanding Your Premises Read this First by

Are You Expanding Your Premises? Read this First

If you own your premises, a time might come when the business building is too small for your team. Some businesses choose to sell their premises and relocate to a more appropriate area. Other companies are reluctant to leave their location and would prefer to add an extension. Ultimately, if you’re going to start a construction project, now is the best time to do so. As the team is familiar with remote working arrangements, your business could plan the extension without disrupting the day-to-day processes. 

Get security teams around the clock

When the office is empty, it could be vulnerable to unwanted break-ins. Indeed, if the team works remotely during the building project, this leaves the workplace exposed to criminal intrusions. Unfortunately, it would be unrealistic to expect your construction contractors to keep an eye on who is coming in and out of the building. However, you can bring a security team on-site to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access. Combined with security cameras and alarm systems, the workplace can remain secure even when it is empty. 

Hire reliable equipment and building teams

You can’t afford to save money on equipment or expertise when you start a construction project with a tight deadline. Therefore, it can be helpful to already schedule all the necessary equipment costs and activities, from crane hire to specialist cleaning. A project manager can ensure the extension is on track with its deadline. Ultimately, your team and your customers want to be able to come back to the premises! 

Another risk of working against a deadline is when rushed contractors are forced to make ill-advised decisions. Keeping a project manager who can coordinate efforts will ensure that nobody is distracted by unrealistic workload or project stress. In April 2019, a crane collapsed from a Seattle building site  

killing workers and bystanders. The crane fell while being dismantled as the wind pushed it. An investigation has not yet released its conclusion. But it makes sense to assume that a skillful project manager could have avoided the accident by focusing on having the right expertise at the right time on site. 

Research the most relevant layout

Making the workplace bigger doesn’t make it better. Your choice of office design can play a significant role in the performance and productivity of the team. Indeed, you could waste billions of potentially lost profits when your office doesn’t support your employees’ needs. Experts have identified four work modes, which can lead to a specific office layout: 

  1. In a sustained focus mode, employees need to concentrate for longer periods of time. Therefore, this design supports private workstations and reduces noise distractions. 
  2. The fostered collaboration mode encourages employees to collaborate organically. This design includes large meeting rooms, movable workstations, and smaller conference rooms for in-depth exchanges. 
  3. In a facilitated learning mode, employees can learn and develop their professional skills. You will need training space, individual study areas, and strategic technology that contributes to concentration and creativity. 
  4. The cultivated social environment mode reduces burnout and toxic work culture. The design focuses on resting areas, social break rooms, and versatile grouping. 

Are you ready to add an extension to your premises? Keeping your workplace safe during and after the building project is a priority. From added security to specialist expertise on the building site and the workplace design, you can take preventive measures to make the extension a success for all. 

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