What Can Go Wrong With The Right Candidate by

What Can Go Wrong With The Right Candidate

When you’re recruiting for a job role within your company, there are many challenges which you will face. However, it can be extremely difficult when you have found a candidate who you love, who you know would be perfect in the role and would fit into your company like a dream, but there are obstacles in the way, so how can you overcome them and get the hire you want?


There are some job roles now that require qualifications where they wouldn’t have done in the past. The company you work for might be one that wants everyone to have a degree, but you find a candidate who has exceptional experience but not the right qualifications, so what can you do?

Well, you can start to implement change in your workplace so that either the degree isn’t essential or that you can help good candidates get the qualifications you’re looking for. For the right person, this is worth it, but you may need to make a case to those higher up to explain why this person is worth hiring and why you must change the rules.

A Criminal Record

Everyone has a past; plenty of people have made mistakes no matter how big or small. There are also lots of people who have had a hard time in life and managed to turn it around completely, which is something that should be commended. However, some of these people are still being held back from the jobs they want due to the fact that they have a criminal record. Your company could be missing out on a wealth of talent if this is something that they won’t accept.

There isn’t anything you can do to change a person’s past and nor should you want to as it has made them who they are today, but you can advise them to see an expungement lawyer clear their criminal record and to move on with their lives, or again you can try to implement change in your company and the people they employ. 


Do you have a diversity quota to fill? What happens when you have two candidates, one would be perfect for the job but doesn’t fit the diversity criteria, and the other wouldn’t be as good but ticks the boxes?

This can be a difficult position to find yourself in, but it’s important to remember why diversity is such an issue right now – because hiring managers in the past didn’t necessarily choose the best candidate or didn’t give some people a chance as they dismissed them because of their age, race, gender or background.

While you should choose the person who is best for the job, you should also look to see if the other person could bring something else that your company is missing.

  • Could they bring a different perspective?
  • Opinions?
  • A Different point of view?
  • In a meeting, might they make a point that no one else would make because everyone else is from the same background?

It’s a decision you will need to make and step outside the obvious ways of thinking and weigh up the pros and cons. 

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